Nate Robinson Traded To Zombie Bastards

There’s really no nice way to spin this. It hurts. The Zombie Sonics obtaining a Husky legend? It’s the absolute twisting of the knife.

I hope Clay Bennett walks outside his residence today and gets hit by a bus.

I hope Nate goes and tears it up in OKC.

I hope David Stern gets kicked in the balls.

That is all.

Nate should be a Sonic right now. Bring back our team.

7 thoughts on “Nate Robinson Traded To Zombie Bastards”

  1. Not only am I pissed that Nate is on the Thunder, but what the hell are the Celtics thinking? Trade their solid back up pg and their starting center for a guy who won’t even start.

  2. nooo my favorite nba player switching teams again! i liked watching him play as a knick, then as a celtic he was fun to watch but not very important to the team, in new york he made a difference. i hope he someday will return to seattle where he belongs as a sonic. lets just hope we get a team back in the next few years.

  3. Rumor is going around that Nate will wear #41 for 41 years of Sonics history. Have to respect that, if it’s true.

  4. Ok, normally I really could give a s**t what happens in Oklahoma City (along with every other educated person in the world). However, I read an article (link: ) on the “unretirement” of the jersey number of former supersonic Jack Sikma. If you don’t know who Jack Sikma is, he lead the Supersonics to the 1979 NBA championship and holds a record of being one of the most accurate centers in the NBA. I would like to clarify that in the contract Clay Bennett/Mr. D**khead signed to move the Sonics to OC, there is a clause that stipulates that the Thunder (a team without much of a bang) must share history with the former Sonics. Meaning that any memorabilia (i.e. banners) or commemorations (i.e. the retirement of a jersey) must be displayed and/or honored by Clay Bennett. Now before I go on a rant about the article, I wanted to give you an excerpt from the comments section that really caught my attention:

    ” I see no need to consider any records from the Seattle days. They belong only there and we should have no interest in any Supersonic history. Forget the shared history that the lawyers put in the relocation Final Agreement. So far as I am concerned we should have no need, and not even any interest, in their history. Some Seattle fans still yell about the “shared history”. Tell the Thunder management that they need to end this nonsense and make the “divorce” final.”

    First of all, you wouldn’t have an NBA team (in the middle of nowhere) if it wasn’t for Seattleites pouring millions of dollars during those years and the years that followed. You know why the track record for OC Thunder is zero and why Bennett has to keep that number retired? Because it was our team and our forty year history that Bennett stole. That retired jersey should be kept retired as a mark of shame for the Thunder that can’t be erased, kind of like herpes (get it, cause Bennett is a D**khead). Clay Bennett is an a**h*le and sometimes a**h*les get what they want. It’s not fair, but I believe in karma. So if you “unretire” that number Mr. Bennett, Seattle (or someone in Seattle) will sue.

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