The Yankees Are Counting On This Man To Anchor Their Rotation

This is Bartolo Colon. You may remember him as a professional athlete who used to more closely resemble a human being.

We haven’t seen Bartolo in a couple years, but it appears that he has now consumed a second helping of whatever it is he consumed the first time he became engorged (probably a small child or a midget).

The Yankees — yes, the New York Yankees — are auditioning Colon for the team’s currently-vacant fifth starter role. Hell of a back-end anchor, this man. Could probably sink an entire ship, in fact.

This is just a reminder to all you Mariners fans out there that it could be worse. We could be shelling out millions of dollars for the post-game spread and a Jabba the Hutt lookalike. But we’re not. So, you know…Believe Big.

3 thoughts on “The Yankees Are Counting On This Man To Anchor Their Rotation”

  1. this is random but it realtes to bartolo because he played for them. can the Angels please just be Anaheim, im soooo tired of the Los Angeles angels of Anaheim it just pisses me off, its like saying the Seattle mariners of Kent (if we played in kent or something) its just retarded and its way to long, i understand it could possibly bring in more revenue because you get essentially 2 fan bases but you really dont. someone from LA thats been a dodgers fan isnt gonna contemplate switching the team he roots for because they put Los angeles in front of it. and an Angels fan is gonna stay and angel fan, so they dont get anymore money and the Anaheim angels is cooler and sounds a lot better. sorry for that but i just had to say it

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