Karate Emergency: Episode XVI

Click here to listen.

I’ll be honest. We’re only a few episodes away from me needing a Roman numeral chart to properly title these blurbs. Hopefully they have an AltaVista translator for that sorta thing.

“¿Cómo se dice ’27’ en Romano numeros?”

You’re probably wondering why I typed that in Spanish. Or rather, Spanglish. I don’t know. I just figured AltaVista translator would be able to make better sense of it if I did that. I also just typed AltaVista.com into my nav bar to see if their website still exists. It does. But it’s kind of like Adam Morrison’s NBA career. You tend to forget it exists, but when you finally remember, you have a “Holy sh*t!” moment and giggle a little bit.

Anyway, all of this is neither here nor there.

This week’s Karate Emergency features a discussion on Husky Basketball, Matthew Bryan-Amaning, Ashley’s new performance-enhancing endorsement, and a whole bunch of spontaneous chatter. Check it out.

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