Around Geoff Baker: Feb. 21, 2011

Click here for today’s “Around The Blogosphere” video.

Whooooaaaaaa. What the f**k is going on? Geoff has ditched the night owl look for casual sleepwear. We hardly know this man anymore. That, plus the bags under the eyes, the completely ungelled hair…I feel like I should be doing the walk of shame away from my laptop screen.

Odds that Geoff isn’t wearing pants right now? I’d say 1.2-to-1.

Around about the two-minute mark, Geoff offers some commentary on city night life. Free lunch to the first person that gets video of Geoff making it rain at the club. Free dinner, as well, if you put the video in slow motion and set it to Queen’s Fat Bottomed Girls.

At points throughout today’s ATB, you’ll notice a bit of a sh*t-eating grin on Geoff’s face. I think he may have gotten laid last night. Or at least touched a boob.

That painting is two days away from devouring Geoff and capturing his soul.

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