I Got Bored So I Made This For You…

The other day I was on Facebook and discovered Mark Zuckerberg’s latest ejaculation: the “Questions” feature. So I created a poll and asked a question: Who is the best looking member of Karate Emergency?

Obviously, this is a really important question. More important than whatever it is you’re currently doing. So you should probably go vote on it. There’s even a picture of all four members of the show, in case you’ve been wondering why we’ve been relegated to radio when porn would probably be a better venue for our collective sensuality. I’ve reproduced the picture above. From left to right, we have Josh, Ashley, Divish, and this guy.

Now clearly, Ashley is the early favorite. She has boobs, as opposed to the rest of us who do not. I’m picking up some token votes because I created the poll and people like to be nice. Josh is right on my heels. And then there’s Divish, the dark horse, pulling up the rear.

Divish claims he’ll “survive being the ugliest member of Karate Emergency,” but I don’t like that attitude. Your favorite podcast is full of winners. Good-looking winners, at that. He shouldn’t have to put up with this sh*t. Someone should vote for his ass.

Nothing about this is self-effacing. But it’s f**kin’ Friday afternoon and no one really checks the internet at this time anyway. So I got bored and made this for you. It’s a gift in the form of a multiple choice question. It’s the thought that counts. Not how big or small the gift may be. Stop being so fickle. Vote for Divish. Or me. Or Josh. But not Ashley. She has an unfair advantage and might be on performance-enhancers. So…yeah.

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