Around Geoff Baker: Feb. 17, 2011

Click here for today’s “Around The Blogosphere” video.

As evidenced by today’s attire, Geoff is either just getting back from or just about to head to the club.

The black shirt he’s donning is probably not very good at repelling sunlight, hence might not be the right choice for the Peoria weather. However, as it is still February, if a cooler day is in store, it is my opinion that this may be a good choice for Geoff.

If I had to guess, I would say that the shirt was made by Geoffrey Beene.

You may notice that Geoff has gone the extra mile in coiffing his hair today. In my estimation, his styling product of choice is probably something from the L.A. Looks family.

Geoff’s eyes look a little tired today, possibly evidence of a late night the evening prior. Based on the sport coat he was wearing in yesterday’s episode of Geoff Baker Live Exclamation Point, there’s a good chance that he took to the local gentlemen’s club scene on Wednesday. Probably with Larry LaRue.

It’s clear that Geoff makes a point of shaving before filming ATB. Look at that smooth skin. Impeccable.

Based on the positioning of the painting in the background, Geoff has shifted his location for today’s episode roughly eight-to-twelve inches left (our left, his right) of where he was situated yesterday. The numbers indicate a downward trend.

Just a reminder that for all your Around Geoff Baker needs, stay tuned right here on the blog.

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