Dawg Pack Dirt: Stanford

Dawg Pack Dirt: Stanford

Volume 7, Issue 13, February 12, 2011

Special to Seattle Sportsnet

Written by dedicated Dawg Pack members

*Editor’s note: Let it be known that Angelo Chol, a 6’9″ power forward from San Diego, will be in attendance for Saturday’s game against Stanford. Chol is one of the top remaining uncommitted recruits in the country for the class of 2011 and is making his official visit to the University of Washington. He is likely to be attending the game with UW commits Tony Wroten Jr. and Hikeem Stewart, both of whom are also making their official visits (in spite of their previous commitments to the purple-and-gold). Make these guys feel welcome, Dawg Pack!

The game:

-Stanford Cardinal (13-10) @ Washington Huskies (16-7).

-Alaska Airlines Arena at Hec Edmundson Pavilion, Seattle, Wash.

-Saturday, February 12, 2011, 5:30pm PST.

The team:

-Stanford University, Palo Alto, Calif.

-Stanford defeated the Huskies in Palo Alto by a score of 58-56 earlier this season.

-The Cardinal are tied for fourth place in the conference with a 6-6 record.

The players:

#2 G (Fr.) Aaron Bright

-This will be a homecoming of sorts for Bright, who played his prep ball on the Eastside at both Issaquah High School and Bellevue High School.

Here’s video of Aaron with teammate Jarrett Mann riding a bike built for one.

#3 G/F (Fr.) Anthony Brown
– Listed his favorite books as “n***a do I look like I read?” Hopefully he plays well enough tonight to keep his basketball scholarship; because that’s clearly the only reason he got into Stanford.

-Is dating a girl named Alysha and has had her Valentine’s Day present picked out since last week… I wonder what it is?!

*Editor’s note: N***a Do I Look Like I Read? is my favorite book as well. Dickens, I believe.

#4 C (Fr.) Stefan Nastic

-Will miss the rest of the season due to a foot injury.

*Editor’s note: Just in case you were wondering where the heck Stefan Nastic was, now you know. I mean, it’s Stefan Nastic. This isn’t just anyone we’re talking about here.

#10 G (Fr.) Robbie Lemons

-Robbie has two Facebook groups in his honor: a) Petition for Robbie Lemons to get a Facebook, and b) Robbie Lemons is indeed African American.

Thankfully, his name isn’t a different summertime fruit…

*Editor’s note: Hah! I get it.

#11 F (Fr.) Andy Brown

-Not to be confused with his teammate Anthony Brown. At least they look nothing alike.

-Andy likes to ride Segways.

#13 F/C (Jr.) Josh Owens

-With siblings named Jerryck, Jhamed, and Jeanovan, it looks like Josh scored the only normal name of the family.

-Attended Phillips Exeter Academy, an elite boarding school in New Hampshire.

-Not sure what to say about this…

#22 G (Jr.) Jarrett Mann

-Delaware’s Gatorade State Player of the Year in 2008.

-Team leader in assists. Dropped 11 dimes in a win over Washington State on Thursday.

-He complained last year that Stanford didn’t have any attractive girls.

*Editor’s note: I have multiple notes on this one. 1) Delaware is the second-smallest state in the U.S. Just keep that in mind. 2) Complaining about your school not having attractive girls is like calling a chick fat to her face. Yes, it may very well be obvious to anyone with five working senses, but that doesn’t mean you say it aloud. You’ve just dug yourself a grave, my friend.

#23 G (So.) Gabriel Harris

-Grew up in Birmingham, Alabama and speaks with an accent.

-Gabriel was angry about the rainy weather in California this week… let’s give him a warm welcome to Seattle!

-When recruited, was regarded as “Stanford’s hidden gem.”  He now averages 1.5 ppg.

*Editor’s note: They were right. That gem is really freakin’ hidden.

#24 G (Fr.) Josh Huestis

-Josh is from middle-of-nowhere Montana.

-Coach Dawkins called Josh a “Late Bloomer.”

*Editor’s note: Upon review, Huestis hails from Great Falls, Montana, which is actually one of the major metropolises of the Big Sky State. I hear it’s a beautiful place this time of year…

#32 G (Fr.) Chris Barnum

-Chris definitely used to rock the Justin Bieber haircut, and he has a baby face.

-He is from Hollywood. Maybe he knows some big stars.

#33 F (Fr.) Dwight Powell

-Dwight’s Facebook could not be found. Maybe that’s because he is from Canada.

-Ask him if he’s gotten into any shenanigans with Jim and Andy recently.

#34 F (Jr.) Andrew Zimmermann

-You may remember Andrew from the epic MBA teabag dunk last year during the Pac-10 Tourney. In case you’ve forgotten, you can relive the moment on video or check out the Facebook page. Consider bringing a picture of the dunk to the game. Or you could bring a teabag and ask Andrew how much that experience scarred him.

-Andrew is from Wisconsin. He’s probably happy that the Packers won the Super Bowl.

-He is a true redneck and enjoys hunting, fishing, and probably chewing tobacco.

*Editor’s note: In doing some follow-up research on Andrew, I discovered that even his own school is unsure how to spell his last name. The Stanford Athletic Department has devoted player bio pages to an Andrew Zimmermann, as well as an Andrew Zimmerman (note the difference in “n’s”). Though both Andrews both call Oostburg, Wisc. home, Double-N appears to have the upper hand in this relationship, as he is older, bulkier, and has declared a major (Biology). Single-N needs to get his sh*t together.

#40 F/C (Fr.) John Gage

-His sister is a student at UW…feel free to come forward with some Dirt!

-At first glance, you might think that there’s no way he gets any significant minutes. But, then you have to remember that this is Stanford.

*Editor’s note: Gage was a prep standout at the WIAA 2A level for Vashon High School. Like Aaron Bright, this will be a homecoming for the small forward, who was also being recruited by Washington.

#45 G (Jr.) Jeremy Green

-Jeremy was arrested and subsequently suspended from the team in October 2009 after a case of domestic abuse in a Stanford dorm.

-Jeremy is majoring in something called, “Science, Technology & Society.”

-Guys just can’t keep their hands off Jeremy. Here’s J-Dawg enjoying a nice cuddle session in Mexico.

#50 F/C (Jr.) Jack Trotter

-Has a girlfriend named Betsy, which is also a great name for your cat or dog.

-Jack is majoring in Economics.

One thought on “Dawg Pack Dirt: Stanford”

  1. For all of us who aren’t in the area / can’t be at the game, make sure that Angelo knows what Husky nation is all about – and that nobody wants him more than we do!

    Angelo, you’re the missing piece on an otherwise perennial Final Four caliber team my man. Your combination of defense, ability to run the floor, and scoring prowess are tailor made for Coach Romar’s tenacious up and down style. Come let big N’Diaye do the dirty work down low while you shine and benefit from playing with the best collection of guards in the country. Learn from the classiest and longest-tenured coach in the Pac-10, a man whose ability to get players ready for the NBA is only outshined by his character and dedication to the young men he coaches. Take advantage of the opportunity to get a truly world-class education from one of the top 20 universities in the country. Thomas, Gaddy, Wroten, Ross and company are one gifted big man away from bringing a championship to the Pacific Northwest… think about what it would be like to be remembered forever as the guy who made that happen!

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