Karate Emergency: Episode XIII

Click here to listen.

Here it is, Karate Kids. This week’s edition of your favorite podcast.

For the second episode in a row, the entire crew — Ryan Divish, Ashley Ryan, Josh Sabrowsky, and yours truly — is present and accounted for.

This week’s topics include the “No Means No” debate, the Huskies’ struggles against the 2-3 zone, the Super Bowl, and of course the Puppy Bowl.

Bookending the show is the usual grumpiness, the news, and this week’s Karate Emergency. Also, be sure to listen for your name in this week’s Twitter shoutout!

Follow us on Twitter: @KarateEmergency, @RyanDivish, @AshleyLolaRyan, @TrafficDivas, and @AlexSSN.

4 thoughts on “Karate Emergency: Episode XIII”

  1. I feel like GrandpaThabo, because I can’t figure it out. Still don’t have VM set up, for chrissake.

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