Believe, Seattle

It’s time to believe.

Forget the insider analysis. Forget the hemming and hawing. Let’s just buy in. Like Pete Carroll asked us to do at the start of the year. Regardless of the outcome of this divisional playoff game on Sunday, let’s buy in right now. Why the hell not? Buying in feels great. I love it.

I’ll admit that I was lukewarm about the Seahawks during the regular season. You won’t hear any excuses from me about that. This ballclub was up and down like a manic crack addict. They won, they lost, they filled you with pride, they broke your heart, it was an absolute roller coaster ride.

But then things changed.

Over the past two weeks, the Seahawks became more than relevant again. They embodied the spirit of Seattle. They had their backs against the wall and they came out with fists flying, determined to take on the world if they had to, determined to keep fighting another day, determined to win at all costs.

The Seahawks squad that will take to Chicago’s Soldier Field on Sunday isn’t whole. They’re missing something above the armpits and below the neck. You might notice a void — a gigantic chip — that’s resting squarely on their collective shoulders.

This team has something to prove. These players have something to prove. They’re a collection of spare parts that have all rubbed elbows with the scrap heap at some point in time. And yet they’ve found a way to come together and defeat the defending Super Bowl champions. They’ve found a way to remain as one of the final eight teams left living in this knockout, drag-out, battle to the death that is the NFL postseason. It’s unfrickinbelievable.

Why not buy in? Why not believe? Yes, the Hawks might lose. Their odds of going home unhappy are fifty-fifty. Bettors would say the odds are even better than that. In fact, most of the nation believes our boys in blue will lose. Pencil in Chicago to the final four. It’s going to be Chicago moving on. Chicago’s the better team. Chicago has home field advantage. Chicago has the edge. Chicago. Will. Win.

F**k Chicago.

This is Seattle’s game. This is Seattle’s victory. This isn’t just about a football team anymore. It’s about a famished fan base. It’s about a starving citizenry. It’s about a veteran quarterback rekindling the glory days. It’s about Beastmode. It’s about the 12th Man. It’s about civic pride. It’s about undying passion. It’s about damn time we showed the world that it’s all about Seattle.

Believe, Seattle. Believe in the Seahawks. Believe in the win. Believe in our city.

Let’s go.


All the way, baby.

5 thoughts on “Believe, Seattle”

  1. I love this .. and all your other stuff.. I’m IN Coach!! I hope the rest of Washington State is as well .. GO HAWKS!!

  2. Wow, great post. It fell on deaf ears though, buddy.

    Maybe you should start with a new mantra, being that the 12th man was STOLEN from the Texas A&M Aggies. Look it up.

    The Seahawks are a bunch of frauds. Great performance the other day in Chicago. Cutler and the Bears took only 30 minutes to win the game. Then they basically took a nap as your receivers continued to drop passes in the second half.

    In the end, the Bears looked like they could give a crap and they still killed you. They basically used that game as a warm up to the NFCCG. And to think you morons ever had a chance.

    It’s cool though, keep fielding players like Trent Cole, Lofa Tatupu, and Lawyer Malloy, and expect to win games. I dare you. Last week, the Seattle Times labeled Williams, Obamanu, and Stokely as “The Expendables” in jest and praised them for their offensive production. Great, 1 game and we have the second coming of Rice, Brown, and Clark. They sure looked expendable on Sunday, huh?!?!?!

    Better luck next year with Clipboard Jesus!

  3. I actually believe the technical term is “micro-penis.” but really, he’s disabled, so we shouldn’t pick on him.

    he sure is “handi-capable” of being a pathetic trolling douche though.

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