I Love This City

This is the best city in America. There’s no doubt in my mind. I’ve lived here for twenty-six years, two months, and nine days. I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.

I started this website with the mission of bringing Seattle sports fans together. We’ve been disconnected over the years. We’re separated by hills and neighborhoods, zip codes and dividing lines, race, religion, politics, finances…a whole bunch of stuff that doesn’t really matter.

The thing is, when a team is successful, a city can unite. We rally around victories, associate with logos, bond over beer and bratwurst. We’re not as complicated as we perceive each other to be. A win is a win no matter who you are. Unfortunately for us, the wins and successes have been few and far between for more than a decade now.

And so we drifted apart.

Our allegiances wavered. We bore different logos, represented different cities, forgot who we were. We ignored our fellow citizens, turned a blind eye towards fanaticism, became apathetic. We let a criminal march within our borders and steal a basketball team from us. We let the world tell untruths about our faith in athletics, slander our good name, flat-out lie about who we really were, who we really are.

There’s something to be said for Seattle.

We only have a smattering of championship trophies, yet we still bleed the colors of our teams like perennial contenders. We live and die by fastballs and fade routes and floaters in the lane. We hold our collective breath when the game is on the line, rejoice when we win, cry when we lose, scream when we’ve been wronged. We’re no different than most fans around the globe, as it turns out. Only most fans haven’t had their legacies tackled and tarnished and torn apart by people outside their realm of control.

And that’s what really hurts. Because we’re so freakin great. I know this. If anything, I’ve benefited from it directly. Through all of you. People in this town care. They do. Maybe the lawmakers don’t care, maybe the transplants don’t care, maybe the pretentious douchebag picked-last-on-the-playground-when-they-were-kids hipsters don’t care, but who are they to determine how our city celebrates sports? They can go to hell.

Too many of us in this town have grown up living and breathing sports for sports not to matter. Even in the Great Northwest, where it rains three-quarters of the year, where we ran pickup on asphalt in the middle of winter, where we drew up Hail Marys in empty parking lots, where we gashed our knees and chipped our teeth taking ground balls off bumpy sandlot dirt. We’re deserving of the best. You’re deserving of the best. None of us have received that in this town. We’ve been taken down and kicked on more than a few occasions. It’s not a fun feeling.

The world needs to know. They need to know how great Seattle is. Part of the reason I quit the media industry is because I knew that if I was going to make it, I’d need to leave Seattle for quite some time. That’s how it works in the biz. You go on an odyssey around the country, always looking for the next gig, always writing about someone else’s team. That wasn’t what I wanted. I don’t care about that sort of thing. It’s not in my DNA. My family is here, my friends are here, my entire life is here. I’m going to get married here, raise a family here, teach my kids how to shoot jumpers and hit home runs and juke defenders here.

This is where I want to be. I couldn’t ask for anything else. I have this website, a job, the promise of better things to come, and so much hope. There’s no other group of people in the entire world that I’d rather write for. This is my dream come true and I’m glad you’re a part of it. I love Seattle.

One thought on “I Love This City”

  1. On Thursday night, AKA bling/phil knight is your sugar daddy night at the UW basketball game, a couple dawg pack members and I were discussing the last time we remember when bling was a big deal in our city…it was with the return of A-Rod to Seattle after he left for the money(ten years ago)

    This got me thinking about how the current dawg pack was only 3 (yes, toddler status) to 6 years old when the Seattle sports year of 1995 happened. That means we don’t even REMEMBER 1995 when people were actually calling us a legit sports city.

    Thanks Alex for uniting all Seattle sports fans throughout all the trials and tribulations. And thanks for keeping us excited as all of our teams continue to improve and show the East Coast and all of their bias that we’re awesome.

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