Karate Emergency: Episode X

Click here to listen.

You may have noticed that we’ve reached double-digits. We’re up to our tenth episode now. In honor of that, we’ve made the switch to Roman numerals. Why? Because it looks cooler. Michael Jordan did it with his shoes. That seemed to work out okay. We’ll do the same.

This week’s episode features a menage a trois of Josh, Ashley, and yours truly. Ryan Dickins Divish makes an appearance by phone. Topics include the Holiday Bowl (you may have, uh, read about that here…sorry to ruin the surprise), the Seahawks in the playoffs, a heated debate (seriously) about the BCS National Championship game, the best Christmas gift ever, and, of course, the news with Ashley Ryan.

Check it.

3 thoughts on “Karate Emergency: Episode X”

  1. For the record, my grumpy was Homeland Security. We didn’t get to that though.

    Also, Kwanzaa present. Rather than Christmas present.

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