Let’s Take A Shot At Adam Morrison…Why Not, Right?

Hey. Have a look at this. These are genuine, game-worn Adam Morrison player-edition Charlotte Bobcats Adidas Pro Model sneakers. Yeah, seriously.

These precious gems can be yours for a starting bid of $49.99. Or, if you’re not one to handle the angst of an online auction, you can elect to Buy It Now for $80.

There are so many awesome things about these shoes that I hardly know where to begin.

First of all, the retail price on a pair of Pro Models of this caliber is at least $100. So you’re actually paying less than retail price for this unique piece of memorabilia. That is incredible. If you need a pair of basketball shoes, it might save you some cash to just pick up Adam Morrison’s game-used kicks. You go to Sports Authority and you’ll end up dropping more dough than you might like. Awesome.

Second, how unique are a pair of Adam Morrison game-used sneakers, anyways? Think about it. Morrison has only appeared in 161 career NBA games. Granted, 122 of those were with the Bobcats, but still. Figure that he wore this particular pair of kicks for at least a few games and the odds of you landing this sort of thing are rarer than the salmon of Capistrano.

Third, these kicks have to be in great shape. You could totally play in these if you wanted to. Besides the fact that Morrison just never logged that many minutes, you also have the whole issue of him not running. He doesn’t run. He kinda does this awkward gallop up and down the court. He also doesn’t really jump. So these shoes are as close to brand new as you can get.

Frankly, I’m very disappointed that, as I’m writing this, these shoes only have 39 views on eBay. Where are all these so-called Gonzaga fans? How are you not all over this right now? Morrison is your boy! Jump on this deal while you still can!

Oh, God. You’ve made him cry. See what happens when you don’t buy his shoes? This is tragic.

10 thoughts on “Let’s Take A Shot At Adam Morrison…Why Not, Right?”

  1. I would have died if they were size 7s. Mainly because I like to have more than 3000 reasons to dislike and mock Adam Morrison. Maybe if he cried on them, the price would go up?

  2. And yet the guy has two NBA championship rings. Nowadays the thing a guy can do to get what he wants is to cry….Morrison and now John Boehner. I am going to go home and see if I can squeeze out a few tears….hopefully I can get a promotion outta of it.

  3. You forgot to mention that SOMEHOW Morrison was able to lock up a shoe deal with some poor sucker of a shoe company. Nobody would ever call that a sound business investment. I can guarantee you I have never heard anybody asking their parents for the new AM35’s for christmas.

  4. I think most can agree Morrison is a little girl…but he beat uw like they were redheaded step children.

  5. He was 2-for-3. In ’05-’06 (Morrison’s junior year, which was also his last in college), the Huskies beat Gonzaga 99-95. I was at that game. Morrison scored like 40 but couldn’t handle Brandon Roy or the Dawg Pack, who bought bars of soap in his honor (placed one on the bench during warmups, in fact) and chanted “Take A Shower” all game long.

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