Karate Emergency: Episode 6

Divish says "Ho, ho, ho" from Florida (photo courtesy Geoff Baker)

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Yo. It’s that time of the week again. Your favorite podcast is here and it’s incredible, as always.

We’ve got the usual assortment of goodness. Ryan Divish reports live from baseball’s winter meetings in Florida, the return of the Sonics is discussed, we’ve got our usual grumpiness to get out there, and we introduce a rousing new bit entitled You Can Only Have One (think worst-case scenario, only funnier).

The news and our weekly Karate Emergency close out the show, and amidst it all you’ll notice we have a very special guest co-host.

Check it out!

9 thoughts on “Karate Emergency: Episode 6”

  1. Well that’s a given, of course. I’ve been comparing myself to El-Amin since a girl I liked in middle school told me she was a big Khalid El-Amin fan. It didn’t hurt that we had a similar body type for a number of years, either (me and El-Amin…not me and the girl).

    I’m saying ideally, my game would be Rajon Rondo. He has the total skill set you’d want in a point guard.

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