Dawg Pack Dirt: Portland

Dawg Pack Dirt: University of Portland

Volume 7, Issue 6, December 6, 2010

Special to Seattle Sportsnet

Written by dedicated Dawg Pack members

The game:

-University of Portland Pilots (7-2) @ #22 University of Washington Huskies (5-2)

-Monday, December 6, 2010 at 7:00 pm

-Hec Edmundson Pavilion

The team:

-University of Portland, Portland, Ore.

-The Pilots are a member of the West Coast Conference, which Gonzaga also calls home.

-Portland’s record is 7-2, with losses to both Kentucky and Washington State.

-UP is riding a three-game winning streak, with two of those three victories coming on the road.

-Two years ago, the Dawgs dropped their season opener to the Pilots, but won the regular season Pac-10 championship nonetheless.

-UP last appeared in the NCAA tourney in 1996.

-Portland is coached by Eric Reveno, who played his college ball for the Stanford Cardinal.

-The UP Athletic Department invested in multiple billboards around the Portland metro region in an effort to improve attendance. The billboards (see below) feature the team with large letters that say ALL IN. (Whatever that means.) Attendance at home games is up to 20 people, 3 more than last year. *Not a researched fact.

The players:

-#1 G (Jr.) Eric Waterford has a girlfriend named Kassandra. She plays soccer for the Pilots.

They both like Glen “Big Baby” Davis and “Fist pumping like a champ.” True love.

Don’t know much else about this kid, but we do know he is from Modesto, California.  For those of you who have never heard of this godforsaken town, it is the armpit of the world. It constantly is ranked as one of the worst places to live in the US and is sometimes known as Molesto. (Source: the person writing this lived there; luckily he escaped.)

-#3 G (Fr.) Tanner “Triple” Riley is learning to dance. His moves can be seen HERE (You have to be friends with him, unfortunately, to view the video.) This video is extremely sketchy, there is some extremely awkward girl commentating on it, and it looks like it was shot from under the bleachers in the gym.

I wonder where he gets the name “Triple” from. His twirling skills, perhaps, or maybe he has three NIPPLES!!!!?

This guy made a Fathead of himself in high school. HIGH SCHOOL. (For those of you who don’t know, a Fathead is a giant picture of someone that you put on your wall.)

Tanner Riley's Fathead

*Dawg Pack Target Player. Get Him!

-#5 F (Fr.) John Bailey likes to keep it “gangsta” in his photos.

Apparently “keepin it gangsta” is exhausting and brings out his softer side when he sleeps. (Yes, that is an eye mask.)

-#10 G (Fr.) Taylor “T Moss” Mossman is seriously homesick and misses the Cali sun.

Has an entire Facebook album dedicated to his THREE Ford Mustangs…we’re curious if his dorm room has a garage big enough for three cars.

-#11 G (Fr.) Tim Douglas is a “pint-sized” point guard that was heavily recruited out of high school.

According to teammate Luke Sikma, Tim bears a striking resemblance to Portland’s assistant coach Eric Jackson.

Did a great rendition of Jackson 5’s I want you back (see http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1342029881447&subj=1016627435 )… Lets ask for an encore!

-#14 C (Fr.) Riley Barker will be easy to spot with his fiery red hair and light complexion (all ginger jokes apply here).  As expected, he has only played one minute this season.

-#15 G (So.) Derrick Rodgers claims that “Ima chill person.”

He’s a single guy just looking for the woman of his dreams… E-Harmony?

He really likes his motivational quotes.

-#20 G (Sr.) Jared Stohl was the NCAA leader in three-point percentage (.478) a year ago.

He has already hit 31 three-pointers this year (31-for-59).

He is easily the Pilots’ best player.

-#21 G (Fr.) Korey Thieleke loves to “clown around.” Let’s see if he will entertain us.

Korey has got some ugly tattoos, including one of his last name. Someone left this comment on one of his tattoo pictures: “Skinny Arm!!!”

-#32 F (Fr.) Ryan Nicholas is from Spokane.

Bottom line…this kid looks like an absolute GOOBER…

-#33 G (Jr.) Nemenja Mitrovicwas born in Sarajevo, Bosnia, but claims that his hometown is actually Toronto.

-Nemenja is Portland’s 3rd leading scorer this year at 11.1 ppg.

-#43 F (Sr.) Luke Sikmais the son of NBA Champion and Supersonics great Jack Sikma.

-Luke started a blog this year for the Pilots’ athletic site. If nothing else, the “Luke Sikma Blog” serves to highlight how boring this team actually is.

-Is a graduate of Bellevue High School.

-#45 C (Sr.) Kramer Knutson has a girlfriend named Kamauri Yeh, a Portland track athlete.

-#55 C (Sr.) Jasonn Hannibal is yet another Canadian on the Pilots’ roster.

He’s described by the school newspaper as a “Renaissance Man” and “Not your typical athlete.”

Jasonn thinks he’s a very wise man; so wise that he authored a “Book of Wisdom.”

He claims this book is popular on campus and that students come to him for advice.

So enlightened.

Jasonn Hannibal


8 thoughts on “Dawg Pack Dirt: Portland”

  1. Luke Sikma’s aunt has a great ass. I am talking primo. Her company used to be a client of mine and she was my contact (just in case you are curious to how I know this).

    Feel free to use this as well, Dawg Pack.

  2. To quote a great movie, ‘over the line dylan,’ we are not going to attack his family no matter how fine his aunt may be

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