My Unsolicited Advice To The Dawg Pack

Dear Dawg Pack,

You’ve been getting picked on a lot lately, and I don’t like it. University of Washington message boards are overflowing with venom directed at you. Alums are bored by your antics. Kim Grinolds over at even has a post-game grading system for you guys. And sadly, he just gave you an “F” for your performance against Long Beach State.

Frankly, if this whole experience has taught us anything, it’s that a fan base can actually be as compelling as the team they support. Because this “down year” in the Pack is becoming a story line unto itself. And that’s a testament to how far we’ve come to this point.

Here’s the thing. I personally think that the UW faithful are being too hard on you guys. They’re treating you the way Rick Neuheisel treats his quarterbacks, bashing you on the sideline and killing your confidence in the process. That’s never going to work. You need to be embraced, not shunned. The old folks don’t get it. All they want to do is bring you down. And I hate it. Which is why I’m here to motivate you.

I was in the Dawg Pack from 2003 to 2007. It was a great experience. One of the best experiences of my life, without a doubt. Part of the reason I had so much fun being in the Dawg Pack is because we had a great time. It was like a party in which you got to watch a basketball game, all while jumping up and down and yelling. Basically, it was like being a kid again, only better.

The entire college experience should be about having fun, and part of the reason the alums are being so rough on you is because, to be honest, you don’t look like you’re having much fun at basketball games. I imagine that most of you want to have fun. Why else would you go to the games in the first place, right? But maybe it’s not so easy for you guys. I know a lot of you have expressed concern over living up to some legacy or doing right by the old Dawg Pack members, but that’s ridiculous. At the end of the day, you’re a student section. You’re not replacing a Hall of Fame quarterback or taking over in the broadcast booth for Dave Niehaus. Don’t put yourselves on such a lofty pedestal like that. You’re a collection of college students. You’re in the primes of your effing lives. ENJOY IT!

Here’s what I suggest to you. Forget about us. Me, the dudes over on the message boards (they’re on message boards, after all), the alums, your predecessors in the Dawg Pack, the players, the team, whatever. Forget about all of it. And just go have some fun.

Forget about the dude behind you who won’t jump or yell. F**k that guy.

Forget about the girl two seats over who’s texting on her phone. Screw her.

You’re here to have a good time and no one’s going to take that from you. Jump as high as you can. Yell as loud as you can. Say whatever pops into your head. If you notice that an opposing player is sweating profusely, let him know. If the other team’s head coach won’t shut up, start talking over him. If a waterboy looks you in the eye, spend the rest of the evening up in his grill.

Sports are supposed to be fun. Why we always choose to forget that is beyond me.

What you need to understand is that in roughly four years or fewer, all of this will be behind you. And it won’t be coming back. Trust me. I’m 26 years old. I’m on a career path and five-sevenths of my life is devoted to sitting in front of a computer screen and typing (probably more like six-sevenths, when you factor in the writing I do in my spare time). This is the real world, and eventually it will greet you, too.

Once college is done, you get jobs. Those jobs become careers. Those careers ultimately lead to retirement. Retirement leads to old age. Old age leads to death. We will all die one day. Do you really want to leave this world knowing you wasted your college years by not having a blast?

Party and get laid. In your free time, study a little bit. Enjoy a meal plan and the ability to wear sweats from sunup to sundown. It doesn’t last forever. And if you worry about what others are thinking, you’re going to let the good times pass you by. You shouldn’t care what anyone else thinks. This is your time. It’s the last period in your life that is truly yours to own. After this, you’ll spend most days obligated to someone or something else, whether it be a job, a boss, a spouse, a family, or something else entirely. I’m not saying this is a bad thing necessarily. It just happens to be the way the world works.

Long story short, it’s you against the world right now. Don’t let the world win. You’ve got it in you to succeed. And in order to succeed, you need to enjoy yourselves. I’m asking you to have a great time. The only way you can let me down is to not have a great time. How hard is that to accomplish?

Do it. You’ve got it. I believe in you, and no matter what happens, no matter what anyone else says, I love you guys and think you’re awesome at what you do.


The guy who runs this site

22 thoughts on “My Unsolicited Advice To The Dawg Pack”

  1. *clap*
    Thats how I feel. I want to get pissed at people for not getting involved, but I know it doesn’t matter what I say. If they don’t want to get up and go crazy, they won’t, no matter how hard I try. It’s depressing in a way.
    On the plus side, even if today was a lack luster performance from the Pack as a whole, we got into a players head, we had the coach fuming and giving us death glares, and the Pack was actually full today, there was a longer line a few hours before game time, ideas are being formed for future games.
    Hopefully this core of hardcore crazies students will explode throughout the Pack and bring a little fun and rowdiness to people who are too concerned with “looking cool” and what not.
    I came to UW not supporting the teams, not interested my schools sports teams. I went to a basketball game against Arizona, got snuck into the Dawg Pack. Back in the far right, the last row. It was a blast that I have been feeding on ever since. There is nothing better than knowing your efforts on the sidelines are helping your team. It’s also fun to go nuts and let loose, not caring what people think.
    If people just embraced the I Dont Care What You Think mentality, they would have a lot more fun.

  2. Personally, I think we should blame everything on the guy in the center wearing the baseball cap.

  3. Oh and your post made me really, really depressed, when usually the thought of growing up and finishing grad school thrills me and having a husband + family thrills me.

  4. My goal was to depress the Dawg Pack members into having fun with their lives right now. In reality, life after college isn’t all that bad. At least for me, it isn’t. I can’t speak for all my constituents. Most of us would still rather be in college, though, I’d wager.

  5. Yep, I just can’t understand why people don’t show up at games wanting to have fun. The dawg pack itself isn’t as much fun this year because 90% of the people are in a coma, and that’s pretty depressing in and of itself.

    Also, someone wore red in the Dawg Pack last night, what is this world coming to?

  6. Alex, and for that matter other past and current Dawg Pack members, what do you think about Mexican Heritage night becoming a regular part of the home games against Oregon. I know Ernesto is gone, but I feel like some sort of tradition may help people enjoy the games and create some unity.

  7. To be honest, as fun as Mexican Heritage Night was, I’d encourage you to find something new and unique to do when Oregon comes to town. I think the whole Mexican theme took a leave when Ernesto was canned.

    You know that scene in “Angels in the Outfield” when Christopher Lloyd’s character appears in the Angels’ dugout during the championship game and Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character asks him where all the real angels are? Lloyd’s character responds by telling him that the angels won’t be coming down for this game because championships need to be won on their own.

    The moral of the analogy: This season is your championship, I’m Lloyd’s character, the rest of the old Dawg Pack members are the angels, and the current Dawg Pack is JGL’s character.

    This is your championship. You need to win it on your own.

  8. Yeah Kim’s “ratings” are getting pretty annoying. The man refuses to criticize our football team for getting shut out against Stanford, but will rag on the dawg pack all day for not showing up to LONG BEACH STATE. Seriously Kim, we can’t all attend the Long Beach State game and be the best fans ever, some of us aren’t payed to watch basketball. You can sure as hell bet we’ll show up in force when the cream puffs stop coming to hec ed though.

  9. Well I take that back, there are three people I spot with hats, so I guess it depends on who you are referring to.

  10. If you’re mad because I’m touching my penis in this picture, screw you.

  11. This was awesome, thank you. Our little middle collective tried so hard last night, but like you said, f*ck the girls in the front row texting their little Uggs off. If they don’t like us yelling and maybe getting saliva in their hair with our passion, they can give their seats up to someone more deserving and just waiting to let it all out.

    Here’s to the Dawg Packers that will hopefully find their voice because of this article. Trust me Huskies, you won’t be alone.

    It’s totally worth it when Eugene Phelps shows us the tattoo of his own lips on his chest.

  12. That was awesome, he was a great sport about it. He did really well fighting back a smile during warm ups and not caving in then especially after he missed 5 straight shots due to us yelling LIPS! every time he shot the ball. BTW does anyone know who our bitch of the game is going to be for Texas Tech yet? I haven’t had a chance to look through their roster yet. Anyone working on the dirt should let me know so I can work on some stuff before the game.

  13. One of there top players is named Mike Singletary. We have to be able to do something good with that.

  14. Alright we got this…let’s have some fun and get crazy! It really doesn’t take that much and those of us who have been in the dawg pack need to show the newbies how it’s done. Let’s get behind our players and get inside the opposing teams head. People are giving us a whole lot of shit this year and you know what it’s great because it just makes me want to one up them and fuels my passion for Husky basketball. We’re just as loud, creative and crazy as the previous dawg packs, so let’s show people what we’ve got…I’m stepping it up are you?

  15. HAHAHA Melodie, I laughed out loud at your commment. and yes let’s blame everything on him, or ANYBODY who comes 10 minutes before the game, somehow gets a seat in the middle and doesn’t jump and yells things like “F-U-C-L-A”.

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