Dawg Pack Dirt: Long Beach State

Dawg Pack Dirt: Long Beach State University

Volume 7, Issue 4, November 29, 2010

Special to Seattle Sportsnet

Written by dedicated Dawg Pack members

The Game:

-California State University-Long Beach 49ers (3-3) at #22 University of Washington Huskies (3-2)

-Hec Edmundson Pavillion, Seattle, WA

-Tuesday, November 30, 2010 at 8:00 PM

The Team:

-Long Beach State, known as “The Beach,” is a member of the Big West Conference.

-Take a look at the interesting fashion in which Long Beach State prepares for their season by clicking here.

-Last year, Long Beach State finished with an overall record of 17-16.

-Long Beach State’s last NCAA Tournament appearance came in 2007. They were trounced in the opening round of play by an athletic Tennessee ballclub. The final score that day: 121-86.

*Editor’s note: I picked them to pull the upset in my bracket that year. They were a team full of seniors who really seemed to have it together. Needless to say, my bracket was in the recycle bin by the end of the day.

-Long Beach State is under the direction of former Gonzaga University head coach, Dan Monson. Monson, you may recall left Gonzaga in 1999 to land the same gig at the University of Minnesota. He was then offered the University of Washington head coaching job in 2002, which he accepted…until Minnesota convinced him to change his mind and return to lead the Golden Gophers. Yep, funny how things work out sometimes.

*Editor’s note: “So, uh, Dan…any regrets?”

-Coach Monson has his team wearing wristbands that read “N.O.W.,” which apparently stands for No excuses, Outworking people, Win…that’s real cute.  I think they were supposed to say “N.G.W.,” meaning, Never Gonna Win. Misprint.

*Editor’s note: It should read “NEOPW.” Monson sucks at acronyms. Acronym fail.

-Check out the team’s promotional video. No Sick Days…

*Editor’s note: If someone gets mono, what the hell are they supposed to do? No sick days? Really? Do you really want this kid infecting the rest of the team?

“Coach, I have bumps…down there. Also, my head hurts and I’ve been puking. And my right hand fell off.”

“Son, you know the rule: No sick days.”

This is a disaster waiting to happen.

-Long Beach State employs a very short bench. Only one (1) of their reserves has scored this year.

The Players:

-#23 G/F (Jr.) Sean Starkey does not exist on the internet. No Facebook, no nothing. All we know about him comes via the Long Beach State Athletics website. He looks like a total bro and sports a Mohawk in his media photo.

*Editor’s note: Just think of all the things that Sean Starkey had to overcome on the playground by a) being named Sean Starkey and b) styling his hair like that. Him and Roeland Schaftenaar were the last two guys picked for teams, I imagine.

Sean Starkey

-#21 G (Jr.) Larry Anderson is suffering from a recent sleeping problem. Be sure to ask him about it.

-#20 F (Jr.) T.J. Robinson is one of Long Beach State’s best players.

After last week’s win over San Francisco, one of T.J.’s friends wrote this message of inspiration on his Facebook wall:

“We made SF our b&*ches…you smell that??? Smell like we on our way to being the Big West Champs.”

The rest of the conference seems to disagree, naming the Gauchos of UCSB as the early favorite.

T.J. was featured on ESPN a few weeks back…as part of their Not Top 10.

*Editor’s note: Okay, I don’t usually chip in chant suggestions, but please, for the love of God, chant “NOT TOP TEN! NOT TOP TEN!” every time this dude touches the ball. PUUUUUHHHHHH-LEEEEEEAAAAASSSSSE!!! It would be hilarious.

-#33 F (Fr.)  Nick “Dreamteam” Shepherd has been dubbed the “future” of the program by the school newspaper. “Dreamteam,” however, can only dream of playing time for now. He’s redshirting this season.

-#25 G (So.) Jerramy King has had an ongoing argument with teammates Larry Anderson and Greg Plater over who happens to be the cutest player on the team. Let’s deliver the final verdict.

And no, his first name is not spelled wrong.

*Editor’s note: Jerramy Stevens agrees.

-#14 C (So.) Mike Vantrimpont is over seven feet tall, but his entire athletic performance can be summed up by the two points he scored against CSU-Monterey Bay. And his one blocked shot at Texas.

He played in France (doesn’t it seem like we have talked a lot about France in the Dirt this year?) for two years before transferring to Long Beach. While in France, he received the regal Trophy of the Future Championship.

*Editor’s note: The thing about the Trophy of the Future Championship is that you don’t actually get awarded your trophy until later. You know, in the future.

-#13 F (Jr.) Edia Dervisevic is a Human Development major from New York, New York, but has a hurt knee and is not expected to play.

-#15 F (Fr.) Jacob Thomas was named one of the top five “Under the Radar Shooting Guards” by ESPN.com.

His commitment to Long Beach State was apparently a tough loss for Tubby Smith and the Minnesota Golden Gophers. Most people speculate that he chose Long Beach because he thought it would be too difficult to keep his grades up at Minnesota. Needless to say, he is very ambitious.

-#34 F (So.) Kyle Richardson is averaging 2.0 points per game this year, up from 0.8 from last year. Way to go Kyle, we support your endeavors.

-#3 G (Sr.) Greg Plater is originally from Oregon. He is majoring in Recreation and Leisure Studies. REALLY? That is a major? Leisure Studies? What is this? The movie Accepted? Okay, It’s a freaking degree in GTL, for you non-Jersey Shorers, that’s a Gym, Tan, Laundry degree.

*Editor’s note: Given the option, I would TOTALLY major in Recreation and Leisure Studies. YES!

-#4 F (Jr.) Eugene Phelps has one of the more unique tattoos we have ever seen. He has his own lips tattooed to his chest. Let’s ask to see this work of art.

Eugene is also a big fan of the song Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

He is known around the Long Beach State campus for his Rick Ross beard.

Eugene is this week’s Dawg Pack Target Player of the Week. The Dawg Pack will poke fun at him every chance we get. We basically just really, really want to see that awesome tattoo. Eugene is easily the dirtiest kid that plays for Long Beach.

Eugene Phelps' tat.

-#22 G (Jr.) Casper Ware is really named Casper…nuff said.

Teammates Larry, Casper, T.J., and Eugene are known as “The Beach Babies.” Too precious. Do they have any sand in their diapers?

Below we have a photo of our buddy Casper with his awesome Afro. A good portion of Long Beach State’s roster sport circa-1975 hairdos.

We can also see that he keeps his locker clean and enjoys a good bag of Lay’s Potato Chips.

Casper Ware

*Editor’s note: You know, with a surname like Ware, you could just chant “Under-Ware!” at this dude all game long…just sayin’.

“Under where? Under there! Under where? Under there!”

That chant was featured in the hit ABC Saturday morning cartoon Recess. Great, great cartoon. One of my all-time faves.

-#11 F (Jr.) Lin Chang is from China and went to high school in Canada. Make sure to chant “USA! USA!” to remind him what country he’s in.

-#2 G (Sr.) Tristan Wilson probably will not play, as he is recovering from offseason knee surgery.


9 thoughts on “Dawg Pack Dirt: Long Beach State”

  1. John,

    Please, please make bubble helmets. I can’t wait for the Dawg Pack to step back up after being called out. I believe in the old, new, current and future Dawg Packs!
    Tons of material here to work with, thanks editor.
    Keep it Fresh, constant and spirited….. mostly constant and spirited.
    God Bless the Pack!

  2. Is the “U.S.A.” chant really a good idea? It isn’t like MBA or Aziz are from here. Just think it makes us look a bit dumb when we chant it at other players and don’t care about it for our own. Just my thoughts…

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