Seattle Sportsnet TV: The Dunk Contest

In our first installment of Seattle Sportsnet TV, an impromptu dunk contest breaks out between a gang of pseudo-ballers and Olympic high jump hopeful and University of Washington alum Norris Frederick. Cameo appearances by The Amazing Aaron, The Ginger Kid, and The Dude in the Shirt.

9 thoughts on “Seattle Sportsnet TV: The Dunk Contest”

  1. Well done on the music choice on Holt’s dunk.

    “That had no soul” – hahahaahaha

    Find yourself on should be your new slogan for the website.

  2. Wow. I was just casually watching this and realized I sit like 5 rows behind Matt Holt I believe (cartwheel maestro), and the soul-less Shawn Kemp (Merriman?) at Husky Stadium. Awesome! First down…

  3. Fort Minor, “Remember the Name.” I woulda answered it whether it was at the end of that video or not. No one reads the credits, man, it’s all good.

  4. All the music I used has made the video restricted through WordPress. Just click the play button, then click “Watch on YouTube” and you’ll see the vid.

  5. Your buddy in the Foster Football shirt (awesome!) does a better cart wheel than a dunk.

    I also love how the guy in the tie-dyed shirt still has swagger after that pathetic attempt of a dunk.

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