Husky Observations

The dude they're all looking at has dollar bills in his hand and is about to make it rain.

I used to wear husky jeans as a boy, that’s why I’m dubbing this column “Husky Observations.” Oh, it’s also about the Washington Husky basketball team. So there’s that, too.

1. In an era where so many athletes take the money and run (Jerome James, Stephon Marbury, etc.), it’s nice to see a group of players doing everything they can to earn their paychecks. Hats off to the Kentucky Wildcats for the strong effort.

2. Our coaching staff dresses better than their coaching staff.

3. Brandon Knight looks like a clean-cut Lil’ Wayne. He also throws elbows like a 60-year-old at the YMCA.

4. If you’re gonna give a technical foul to Venoy for calling a timeout and simultaneously telling a defender to back the eff off, shouldn’t he be allowed to really earn his tech? I mean, come on. At least let him go land a square punch on the dude he supposedly wronged. It’s like when you’re a kid and you hit your little brother and he goes and tells your mom or dad. How do they solve the problem? They let him hit you back. There, now it’s square. How come basketball can’t be like that?

5. Woody Harrelson’s brother can really play.

6. Isaiah might have had his worst game EVER and we still nearly beat Kentucky. He’ll bounce back. Dude’s got “heart,” according to Bill Raftery. Every diminutive basketball player has heart, right? How often do we hear that?  We need a synonym for “heart.” It’s overused. “His aortic valve is impressive!”

7. Jay Bilas’ point about refs showing out by signaling a blocking foul four times on one play was profound. I NEVER agree with Bilas. But I agreed with him then. Good work, Bilas. Refs shouldn’t be showing up the players.

8. Did you know that Terrence Jones once committed to Washington, then later changed his commitment to Kentucky? Huh? Did ya? Did ya?!

9. We might have set a record for most missed shots inside of two feet. Although I have to say, Isaiah’s missed monster jam was kinda worth it. He put his balls on a defender’s chin on that play.

10. The interview with Calipari on the beach where he discussed Jones’ decommitment-commitment was great. Like watching a rat run towards a trap and start to move a piece of cheese…

11. I’m tempted to put my hand down my pants every time C.J. Wilcox launches a three. Only unclothed breasts and Hawaiian sunsets are more beautiful than that stroke.

12. Did anyone else see the screen that Aziz set in the first half? The one near the top of the arc that sent a Kentucky defender sprawling to the ground? That was uh-MAY-zing. Yes, he’s a great shotblocker. But more than that, he’s a pick artist. I haven’t seen screens that fundamental since the days of Hans Gasser.

13. Furthermore, when can Aziz start wearing “AZIZ” on the back of his jersey? He’s like Ichiro. He doesn’t need a surname.

14. I hate it when refs bail out a clumsy player by calling a foul as a dude trips over his own feet. That should be an offensive foul because your ass is too much of a klutz to stay upright.

15. MBA, you need to finish around the rim. Need to. I’m saying this not as an overbearing fan but as a concerned father figure. Picture me staring down at you (while standing on a stool, presumably) with a stern-yet-loving look in my eye. You missed a lot of layups, tonight. We need you to go stronger than that. You’re much stronger than that. You can do it. We believe in you.

16. Tyreese Breshers got a free trip to Hawaii. Lucky.

17. Abdul Gaddy has markedly improved from last year. Can we all agree that he’s one of the better point guards in the nation now? He is.

18. This is Brendan Sherrer’s first “DNP – Coach’s Decision” of the year. Hopefully he’ll take it in stride. I bet he gets a lot of homework done most games.

19. Continuing on with Point 18., how great would it be if Sherrer really did do homework during games? I can actually picture him sitting there with a TI-89, wearing a pair of Nick Holt glasses, drawing acute angles on graph paper. “Brendan! We’re up by 20! Hurry up with that tangent!”

20. Every time Terrence Ross checks into a game, I shout “T-Ross the Boss!”

21. A Kentucky fan with just one follower on Twitter (1, that’s sad, that means his own family won’t follow him) just reacted to one of my earlier tweets. Here’s the exchange:

@alexssn: Let me be the first #Huskies fan to commend #Kentucky. Those #Wildcats players really earned their paychecks tonight. Seriously.

@blueman42: @alexssn go back to being nothing. You’re definitely not a top dawg! Play Lacrosse or whatever your school is good at.

I retweeted his post, which basically means I just copied it and reposted it on my own Twitter account. In the Twitter world, that’s essentially like being the bigger man. I’ll say it again…he has one follower. If you have one follower, it’s probably time to quit Twitter. Because you’re not doing it right. And that’s coming from someone who thinks Twitter sucks.

22. Darnell Gant has improved his shot by light years. He used to brick 10-footers. Now he’s hitting from 22 like it’s nothing. The dude has made remarkable strides. Good work, Darnell.

23. After watching Ross, Wilcox, and Scott Suggs play this year, can you now see why Elston Turner transferred? It’s all coming together…

24. Justin Holiday will get drafted in June. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it. I’ve never seen anyone go from where he was as a freshman to where he will be by season’s end. The leaps and bounds he has made over four years are a testament to college basketball. The last person we said that about was Brandon Roy. Just remember that.

Twenty-four is a good number. We’ll cut the observations right there. ‘Til next time, Dawg fans.

13 thoughts on “Husky Observations”

  1. This list pretty much rocks. 13 = Seriously (insert Sonics center joke here). 19 = yes, yes, yes, that would be sooo awesome, hahaha. 24 = HELL YEAH.

  2. Raftery got told to mellow out on his “onions” references…now he goes with heart.

    2 years ago…during the tourney…he dropped an “onions…double batch!” My dad turns and says “he’s talking about balls right?”

  3. Now he says it so quickly…under his breath or as they go to break.

    CBS email: Dear Bill. Quit commenting on college athletes balls. Thanks. Love, CBS

  4. I take umbrage, sir- UMBRAGE! at the assertion that Josh Harrellson can play the game of basketball. On the contrary, he’s a junker who just sits and waits to mop up whatever mess is made in the vicinity of his plodding feet. It’s ‘players’ like him who keep basketball from being a beautiful game.

  5. Anyone notice a lack of fire in Coach Romar at times during this tourney? Maybe his own team is hypnotizing him with the up and down pace.

  6. the thing to say to @blueman42 is: “and you should go back to the thing you’re good at: free throws”

  7. Gotta love the NBA scouts agreeing with you on #24. See ESPN College Basketball Blog.

    Agree with #13.

    Wholeheartedly agree with #15.

    #10 – I’ll have to try and find this on youtube somewhere since I didn’t get to see it. I have a whole list of thoughts on the Kentucky fans and Calipari. I’ll see if I can put it into words on the flight home.

  8. I think the only person I’d rather see Richard Seymour knock out more than Big Ben is Terrence Jones. The guy already f**ked over the huskies last spring, then proceeded to act like a huge douche the whole game. His emphatic “screams” throughout the game were weak. I’d even venture to say weak SAUCE. MBA’s are much more impressive, and they’re in a British accent. Take that, Terrence. Also, props to UW fans that made it out to Maui. From what I saw on TV, they seemed to be equally as loud as the Kentucky and MSU fans, and Kentucky is the friggin Nebraska of college basketball. That’s all I got… Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving.

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