The Deposed Son Of The Former King Of Nigeria Wants Your Money, Husky Fans

Check this out.

This email was seriously sent to University of Washington students, who continue to be exploited like the late-night value menu at Jack in the Box. This has to stop. They’re better than this!

And for the record, if you value your dignity, never participate in what you’re about to read.

New For The 2010 Basketball Season!

Attn: All Husky Students,

The University of Washington has been selected to start a new chant that may pioneer the way future basketball games are viewed.

Every decade or so, an event takes place that change the way we view sports forever. On October 31, 1981, former UW student, Rob Weller was credited with creating the “Stadium Wave” which is still performed worldwide in countless venues today.

In 1991, Michigan Wolverines “Fab Five” freshman Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Jimmy King and Ray Jackson forever changed the look of basketball uniforms when they stepped on the court wearing black socks & shoes and long baggy Hip-Hop style basketball shorts that extended past the knee.

In 2010, the same may be said of the students at the University of Washington, who have been selected to start a new chant which could literally become a worldwide phenomenon.

The Chant:
Introducing the “Whopp” (rhymes with stop) Chant and Rally Towel. Here’s show it works. Each time a basketball player from the home team makes a 3-point shot, fans collectively shout “Whopp” while waiving their “Whopp” 3-point shot rally towels, as the ball goes through the net.

Filling Hec Edmunson Pavilion with thousands of excited Whopp fans will surly get the attention of the basketball world. Once this chant gets out, it will certainly be mimicked at every level of the game. However, I have a feeling it will be forever known as the “Washington Whopp.”

This chant which will surely go video viral once preformed, and the Washington Huskies will have the distinction of starting the whole thing. I have selected UW students to partisipate in this event because I’m a fan of your Universities basketball program, as well as, coach Romar.

On Dec. 4, 2010, The Huskies will play Texas Tech at Hec Edmunson Pavilion . Let’s get at least 1,000 “Whopp” fans grouped together at the game to start this new trend. I am also looking for students to assist me in spreading the word about this event. In return, I will donate a portion from of the sale of each towel to the UW student body. For more information, visit our website at (Deleted by the editor…we’re not trying to promote their garbage).

“Whopp” Rally Towels, have been deeply discounted to only $3.95, for UW students. To make a purchase, simply click the link below (Yeah, that link is gone too. In yo’ face!).

(Let’s Do This!)

Go Huskies,
DJ Prator

I don’t know who this DJ Prator fellow is. But he sounds like a real enterprising jackass.

He also writes like a third grader.

6 thoughts on “The Deposed Son Of The Former King Of Nigeria Wants Your Money, Husky Fans”

  1. I’ve got one better. Forget about the whopp and the towel. Just send when $3.95 when you click on the link below. (link deleted by editor.)

  2. Is this Prator guy some sort of Pittsburgh Steelers fan? Most people I see waving towels in the air are also really into fellating Troy Polamalu and rehashing their 2005 super bowl win. I will die the day that tradition is imported into HecEd.

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