Do You “Like” Seattle Sportsnet?

If not, what are you doing here?

If so, please go to Facebook (it’s a little pretentious of me to assume you have a Facebook profile, I know…but come on, it’s Facebook) and join the newest addition to the fan page universe. We have a brand new Seattle Sportsnet fan page and we’d really appreciate it if you went to that page and clicked “Like.” You can also access the page using the fun-looking badge over there to the right (which is that way —-> for those of you who have trouble with left and right).

You may be wondering why I went and created a Facebook fan page just days after creating a Facebook group. Good question. As it turns out, Facebook groups suck. And while I appreciate all of you who joined the group, the group is unfortunately not sustainable because, again, Facebook groups suck. Take heed, Zuckerberg. I’m providing constructive criticism right now. Well, actually, it’s not really constructive at all. But whatev, whatev.

So please, if you read the website on a regular basis and want to stay connected with all our material, go join our fan page and you’ll be up-to-date on all aspects of the site. Thanks!

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