Even The Dawg Pack Thinks The Dawg Pack Needs Help

Word on the street is that the Dawg Pack isn’t up to snuff this year. For those of you who consider yourselves avid Husky Men’s Basketball fans, you may have an opinion on the matter. Regardless of your personal feelings, however, the local message boards are abuzz with talk about “a down year” in the Husky student section.

One current Dawg Pack member took the liberty of emailing me on Tuesday night with a few gripes about his fellow constituents. Here’s the context of his letter. Take note, Husky fans:


So I assume you watched the game against Eastern tonight.  Did you notice all of the fools sitting (Freaking Sitting!!!!!) on the edges (and by edges I mean over 60% of the non-middle sections) of the Dawg Pack?  A bunch of them weren’t even wearing purple!  Half of the center section basically just goes through the motions with chants and doesn’t get excited or yell when the opponent’s team is on defense.  The Dawg Pack needs help.  I’m writing to you because you’re basically the most prominent person I can think of that is still involved with the Dawg Pack in some way.  I think you should devote every inch of SeattleSportsNet.com to helping to fix the Dawg Pack.  I’m a current member and I’m doing the best I can, along with a few others, but we are hopelessly outmatched by apathy and f**king posers.  I hate f**king posers.  Basically, the Dawg Pack is full of Lakers fans.  They show up late, only show up because they want to be seen at the game, don’t cheer, don’t know anything about basketball, and leave early.  This UW team can win a National Championship, we can’t let the Dawg Pack hold them back.


A concerned Dawg Pack member

Yep. It’s kind of like that.

Well…better get it together, Dawg Pack.

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  1. Pre-Thanksgiving is tough. Wait until after the holiday and then I will make a judgement.

    However, I was flipping to watch the Michigan State game and they have jumping fans around the enitre arena. Step it up or make a 28-year old show up with a dusted off gold sport jacket.

  2. I’ve read articles and surveys online from various sites quoting opposing players and coaches saying how tough Hec Ed is to play at, and how it’s the toughest PAC-10 venue to play at, and how the fans are intense and really into the game. I’ve read about how Hec Ed is intimidating and among the best venues on the West Coast (and may be the best west coast venue along with the Kennel). Those articles need to be printed and distributed to the current apathetic Dawgpack members. I was a Dawgpack member from 02-05, during the “nuts” Dawgpack years. Back in the day when we didn’t take success for granted, back when we actually cared and were diehard about the basketball team because we knew what being in the cellar felt like (it sucked).

  3. i am printing 700 pieces of paper that says ‘WAKE UP DAWG PACK’ for the long beach game… I am about ready to go out and kick some dawg pack ass. These guys on the wings are worse than laker fans.

  4. As a fellow dawg pack member this does not shock me at all. I caught the end of the glory years of the dawg pack in 2006 (my freshman year) where chants were un organized, where fans were loud, harsh, and the chants were not stupid. These last 3 seasons I watched the dawg pack turn into something else, that by my JR and SR season I had much more fun up the student overflow section with others who felt the same way I did. The dawg pack turned into a always politically correct, anti booing, never anything negative to the refs, (besides the high school chant take his whistle), never find creative things to heckle the other teams bench players with. Let alone the lame chant where they just yell Wash-ing-ton. The dawg pack is too coordinated, tells fellow dawg pack members who actually care and boo bad calls or heckle the other players to stop. It made me sit up above with others who felt the same. I felt no reason to get there hours early to stand there and and be cheesy and overaly positive…. Go back to the days where we chanted other players cell phone numbers, chanted please dont taze me for fields of Pitt, or dont taze me bro… where we held up plastic bags behind the WSU bench and told them to bag my grocerys.

  5. If the UW would allow for one game (likely a game against a crap opponent, but whatever) where they could hold a Dawg Pack alumni night, I would definitely, definitely take part. Even put on the headband, shorts, the total package. That would be awesome.

    The Dawg Pack with John

    Our state

    Dawgs Eat Dogs



    Romarville 2004



  6. Those photos bring a tear to my eye…Flood of amazing memories of days when the Dawgpack actually lived up to its name .

  7. We used to HATE our opponents on gameday. As soon as the game was over, the switch got turned off. We used to chat up opposing players after games and through Facebook and the like. We were as classy as they come when the game wasn’t being played.

    But as soon as that whistle blew and the clock started, if you weren’t wearing purple or gold, you became the enemy. That was our house. We owned Hec Ed.

  8. wow those old pictures are nostalgic… i remember the first pic was the HERNAAAAANDEZ for 40 minutes game.

    please step it up current dawgpack. we need hec ed to be intimidating. the team deserves the support and passion.

  9. I love the pic of the old people sitting in front of you guys. They did not appear to have as much fun as everyone else.

  10. They’ll get it together… It’s hard to get people rallied for a Tuesday game against Eastern Washington. My biggest pet peeve are the kids that cut the line, sit in the front row, and DON’T JUMP. Sit in overflow if you want to text the entire game.

  11. It is definitely a motivation things and a lot of the new Dawg Pack members just don’t seem to get it. I yelled and screamed, waved my arms motioning them to stand up when the team came out and 3 or 4 of them literally looked at my chuckled and shook their head no. It is an f’ed up situation and it is killing me. I’m going to making a nice little sheet to hand out to everyone with the sender of the email. With all the chants, with all the requirements for being in the Dawg Pack, and a nice ending message. If you want to sit and watch quietly, go home. If you don’t want to get involved, go home. If you don’t want to show up and give everything to support your team, go home. I’d rather have the middle section be the only people there if it meant the posers and bandwagoners were gone. Now I’m moderately understanding in that it was a Tuesday game against Eastern, but regardless of opponent the pack should be pumped up and excited, it shouldn’t take back to back steals from Overton to get everyone yelling and bouncing. Last years graduating class needs to come back and kick out all the ‘tards that took their tickets. There is a solid core in the middle per usual that is slowly growing through the middle and right section, but the left is by far the weakest. Personally I’d rather sit behind the opponents than our bench because it’s one more opportunity to harass the other team. The middle is doing what it can thus far to show people what they need to do, but its been a fairly slow process. I’m hopeful it’ll pick up come Pac-10 play

  12. whoever that a-hole above was that claimed he sat in the overflow section the last couple years because the dawg pack was weak is the exact reason for the downgrade in quality. I spent 4 years behind the opponents bench being as offensive as possible. if he wanted to sit in overflow, sounds like he was yet another bitch who only sever to weaken the dawg pack, not make it better. what a joke.

  13. Thoughts:
    1)I love this lovefest, and Alex’s treasure trove of pictures.
    2)Hec Ed is at its best when the entire lower bowl is standing. That is impossible to achieve for any sustained period of time without Dawg Pack prompting. If the freakin’ student section has people sitting down, it’s double-impossible.
    3)I echo the call for more creativity. I love that some of the stuff we started has become ingrained, but you don’t want rote chanting. There is this fantastic Dawg Pack dirt released every game, how does that not turn into funny chants? And be quick on your feet. Many of the best moments come from in-game observations.
    4) MORE SIGNS (and props). It’s crucial to have a visual presence. They get the rest of the crowd involved, are media magnets, and help spread the lore of the Dawg Pack.

    To those die-hards, keep it up, it will get better as the season goes on… but keep that pressure on the rest of ’em. Go Dawgs!

    From, the maker of Welcome To Romarville, We’re Behind You, HERNAAAAANDEZ, This Is Our State, etc…

  14. There has to be some level of decency in the Dawg Pack, but that does not preclude anyone from booing the other team or referees, chanting cell phone numbers, commenting on bad hair cuts/days, and simply riding a player by yelling his name in an entertaining manner for the entire game.

    I agree with Craig that part of what made it fun during my time in the Dawg Pack was coming up with things on the spot or through research done by a fellow Dawg Pack member. I will never forget:

    a) Sasa Cuic laughing the first time we yelled at him in Croatian,
    b) Serge Angounou showing us his abs after we goaded him into doing it,
    c) Channing Frye changing his voicemail message after so many Dawg Pack members called him before the game (and when he answered a later call after the game said that he thought it was funny),
    d) Trevor Ariza staring me down as he was sent to the bench less than a minute into the second half, and and many more instances where it was obvious the opponent was impact by something more than “you suck” or “f**k you” chants that rule the Pit Crew and Zzu Crew’s vocabulary.

  15. Problem is the the Dawgpack is more like the Dorm Pack. They need more frat guys and less residents from Terry Lander Hall. The Dormpack is embarrassing with the cheers they come up with. I remember those guys in the pictures above…..they were no where to be seen at the begining of 02-03 season. Then when we got good, they were leading the bandwagon. They tried to encourage good sportsmanship, no profanity, and no real taunting of the opposing team.

    Give me a break….thats what makes a tough place to play. You think DUke or NC students are polite.

    Here is the answer…more frat dudes, less Dorm nerds

  16. These pictures bring back some awesome memories. I too have been dissapointed by the dawgpack so far this season; I do think we need to keep in mind that it is still early in the season BUT, we need to start forming the right habits for this new dawgpack. I wonder if there is anything we can do to help?

  17. @ #20, dude… seriously? The Dawg Pack has had a ton of great people from both frats and the dorms, but honestly most of the people who led it to prominence were from the dorms. Very few people from any walk of life were there in Fall of 2002. I’m sorry if you think it’s necessary to chant Fuck Wazzu or whatever (we still sang it in the fight song), but the Dawg Pack’s somewhat “classy” reputation goes a long way in ensuring that it retains its unique seating behind the opponent’s bench (we’re the only school in the Pac-10 set up that way) and the many benefits we got from the athletic department. If Oklahoma wants a university its football team can be proud of, we should strive for a student section that Coach Romar can be proud of. I also wholly agree with Mike’s comments above.

    Bottom line: Would you rather have the classy but creative and tough Dawg Pack, or the Oregon Pit Crew that is an embarrassment to the school?

  18. @ Craig: The Pit Crew. No doubt. Make it tough, get personal and nasty towards the players, etc.

    Players on the floor probably think UW is a bunch of nerds (unfortunately it is becoming more and more true with the tough gpa and SAT requirements). Remember that “choo, choo” chant after the “you, you , you” when an opposing player made a foul? I used to cringe.

    And I, along with about 10 other people were there in 02-03, but then the bandwagon took off and our seats were dominated by that guy in the stupid brown wig and his cronies.

    I remember the first time the Sombraroes (sorry about the spelling) came out for the Ernie Kent game. Now that was great, but ROmar told us to take them off because it was hitting too close to home. We left ours on. If Ernie Kent wants to bone some chick on a recrutiing trip, its my job to make him regret every moment of it

  19. I would also add that the Dawg Pack was the product of a combined effort from a lot of Husky fans, regardless of where they slept at night (dorms, frats, sororities, off-campus, under the awning outside Hec Ed). If you’re really upset about the way things turned out — national recognition, a perennial tournament contending team, one of the best home court advantages in the nation — solely due to your personal differences with people who you hold a grudge against four years later, then you’ve got bigger problems than what the Dawg Pack is currently doing or ever did. I’m sorry we couldn’t welcome you into our family back then. But it seems like you were more content on the outside looking in.

  20. Dawgpack02-06’s character can be seen by his want of a Pit Crew type atmosphere for the Dawg Pack. I’m all for getting loud, booing refs and players. There is no need for swearing and low blows. The players do plenty of other quirky and embarrassing things that can be used to get in their head. We were successful in taking “Mr. Rockafella” out of the game, limiting him to 2 points on the night. He had a stare down with some of us after he came off with three fouls. He was not happy. If we can build on that success and get creative the Pack will be fine and will return to its loud AND classy roots. Once the freshmen and new comers learn what is expected it will improve no doubt. One solid game, with a lot of excitement will really get the noise flowing again. It can be hard to motivate people in 50 point blowouts sadly.

  21. Dawgpack02-06: If your goal is to be more like the Pit Crew, there’s no need for a further response to your post.

  22. The reason most of the current Dawg Pack Diehards are so worried about the current state of the Dawg Pack is that we don’t think it will get better without some prodding. All of the diehards are already at the game, there isn’t going to be some influx once Pac-10 games start. Everyone who already knows how to yell and participate is already there. My proof of this is a question. Would you have missed a basketball game when you were in school? I didn’t think so.

    The next worrisome thing is that the center portion of the Dawg Pack is full, but half of those people either don’t know what to do, or refuse to do it. As John said above, we’ve tried to help them out and let them know how things are done (in an encouraging way) but they still seem to resist, thinking we are just crazy or something.

    I showed up late to the game yesterday because of marching band practice (yeah, it happens sometimes and it sucks) and I was stuck on the outside behind the opponents bench. I noticed a few things over there. I couldn’t hear the middle section at all. The chants were ridiculously hard to hear and the only way I knew what we were saying was because of the clap patterns which I have memorized. When I looked over and could see that only the front half of the center section was saying anything. Without the entire center section yelling there is no way that the outsides will be able to join in. The portion of people in the outside section that were standing up were pretty silent, but at the very least there were some who seemed like they’d be into it if they were over in the center section. Needless to say there was absolutely no one giving the Eagles bench any crap.

    So here’s what I think the Dawg Pack (and by Dawg Pack I mean the people who actually care) should do to help get this going. The people who show up early to games to sit in the front center need to space out in the center section. Have whoever it is that starts the chants and some others sit in the front portion as usual and split up everyone else to put groups of 6 to 10 loud people throughout the center section. That way, when late arriver’s show up and fill in the gaps, they will be somewhat surrounded by people who are yelling, joining in chants, and jumping up and down. It is way easier to join others than to randomly start yelling when you are with other people who aren’t yelling. Hopefully, after this happens for a game or two those people will realize how much more fun it is to be excited and yell than to just stand there comatose. After the center section becomes self sufficient and full of raving lunatics again, the same technique can be applied to the outside sections of the Dawg Pack.

    Yes, it requires not sitting in the very center of the student section, but it will be worth it to make the entire Dawg Pack like the center of the student section. A lot of people are really focused on sitting center court, but it is almost more fun to sit behind the opponents bench and talk smack (Especially when Tony Bennet was around) or sit behind our bench and interact with our players, and hear what Romar is telling the team. This year is going to take some sacrifice, just like the team needs I.T. to dole out assists instead of scoring all the time, the Dawg Pack is going to have to sacrifice their preferred seats for a few games (if we do it right hopefully things will be set by Pac-10 play) in order to get Hec Ed rocking again.

  23. Dawgpack02-06 stated:
    “I remember the first time the Sombraroes (sorry about the spelling) came out for the Ernie Kent game. Now that was great, but ROmar told us to take them off because it was hitting too close to home. We left ours on. If Ernie Kent wants to bone some chick on a recrutiing trip, its my job to make him regret every moment of it.”

    First off, every browser has a spell checker now so I’m not sure what you were typing “Sombreros” on, but it’s time to get into the 20th century.

    To clarify, Romar was asked the question before the first annual Mexican Heritage Night, “Can we wear the hats?” He replied, “It’s up to you.”
    He stated that there is a line and that while he wanted us to have a fun, he didn’t want us to cross the line. I was standing three feet away from him, so your revisionist history is incorrect.

    We wore our hats, sang our songs and alluded to something taking place in Mexico, but were not specific about what allegedly happened. That was the beauty of it. No line was crossed.

    You should also know that a member of the “Dormpack” (genius!) provided the Sombraroes(sp), not members of a fraternity. Frat guys are not known as being terribly creative or adding much to society in general, which is why we do our best to ignore their existence.


  24. Favorite dawgpack moment – getting flipped the bird from Dick Bennett, in which he apologized later.

  25. Early I know but as an alum sitting across the way and watching the pack I must say it was disappointing, and both mcneese and ewu. Plenty of people not wearing purple, lack of cohesion, chants that nobody could hear/understand (heard “what did they say” quite a few times where I was sitting), etc.

    Throw up some more nostalgia pics/videos, those are great! Lets see some from people’s stash – i know there’s got to be more than the usual ones we see all the time.

  26. This was my favorite moment. My senior year. Last home game. It was magical to share that with all of those players.

  27. 3 Time Fan of the game….. Need I say more. The only reason I wasn’t there in the 02-03 season is because I was still in high school. So yes in the Fall of 2003 is when I started attending. I went to almost every home game in my 4 years at UW, I am no bandwagon fan!

    By the way my ‘cronies’ were the ones that secured the Sombraroes, started the Dawg Pack Dirt, and many other Dawg Pack traditions. I am clearly not the problem with the Dawg Pack. My “cronies’ are clearly not is wrong with the Dawg Pack.

    If showing up early to every game to make signs, painting our face and body, booing the opposing team, pleading for the old folk across the way to stand up, cheering for John , jumping the whole game, shouting till your voice is gone, getting in player heads, making apposing coaches flip us of, traveling to San Diego-Bosie-Portland-Albuquerque-Eugene-Pullman-Corvallis-Los Angeles-Washington D.C. to cheer on our team, and handing out opposing player phone numbers is what wrong with the Dawg Pack then “that guy in the stupid brown wig and his cronies” are to blame.

    My name is NORMAN CHARLES JANNSEN III and I’m a proud Dawg Pack Alumni Memeber. I have no regrets of my time in the Dawg Pack. I was everything that was right about the Dawg Pack!

    Am I wrong?

  28. Recent Dawg Pack Alum

    You must have scene me once or twice then because I chose not to sit in the center and instead I sat behind the away teams bench and more importantly behind the away teams fans. I feel that dawg pack just needs to stop trying to force it and let things come naturally. Chants, heckling, etc… the Wash-ing-ton chant is just terrible.. It does not fit and no one wants to do it except the people in the center. Stick to the basic chants and then be creative for each game. Pick one player.. For example I sat behind the UCLA bench when ROll was a freshman and sat on the end of the bench. We were heckling his haircut because the line on back of his head was not straight.

    My displeasure with the dawg pack was that if you did not fit the mold that they wanted aka cheesy cheers, overaly positive, not creative, sober, not educated sports fans then you were not welcomed in the dawg pack. Maybe it has changed but that was the vibe I got from 08-09 season and 09-10 season. My first two years the two years prior to that were great. But those you could tell were carry over years from the Broy Nate Rob years.. THose are my observations of the evolution of the dawg pack.

  29. One more thing..

    “and many more instances where it was obvious the opponent was impact by something more than “you suck” or “f**k you” chants that rule the Pit Crew and Zzu Crew’s vocabulary.”

    This is exactly it. For every eff you chant or you suck chant that does not need to be chanted there is also the Wash-ing-ton or take his whistle chant that is over played over used and most importantly NOT CREATIVE. So as much as you guys and I agree with do not want eff u’s, the dawg pack needs to limit the organized chants to the basics and then be creative and spontaneous because those chants are what has been lacking but is really what made the dawg pack what it was. I will never forget the “taser chant” every time landry fields stepped to the free throw line.

  30. I’m pretty sure, on the whole, the Dawg Pack tends to be very sports educated. The people I attend games with and surround myself with at the games are very sports knowledgeable, more so basketball though no surprises there. Yes, some of the chants are bad, but when we can’t get everyone involved with even simple chants, its hard to imagine they will get involved with something made on the spot, they won’t be creative on their own, and they won’t be loud. People aren’t yelling on D, they aren’t jumping up and down, they aren’t yelling during timeouts. The middle section tried last game to inspire some energy on the away team side by yelling, pointing, heckling, but nothing we have done thus far seems to be inspiring the fringes to get involved and get loud. They don’t seem to understand how powerful and influential we can be in the game if we make noise and support the squad.

  31. A couple of things need to happen in order for this to be successful in my opinion. It’s obvious that this new group of Dawg Pack members are hard to get to.

    1) Get players involved. If we could somehow reach the players and get them to mingle with the Dawg Pack more, pleading for the lame people to do stuff, I bet they listen. Also, don’t forget that a lot of the players know people on the other team. Get some inside dirt on opponents from them. As much as you want them to, the people that aren’t enthusiastic about the game right now won’t all of a sudden be jumping around and chanting if their fellow Dawg Pack members are the ones trying to get them to do it. If the players get more involved and they feel a connection with them, I bet they will respond a lot better.

    2) More organization involving everybody. Pass out information to all of the Dawg Pack members about what Facebook group the MUST join. Release the Dawg Pack Dirt a few days before the game and then get everybody involved in thinking of chants that they can do during the game. This should be pretty easy to do and would be very effective IMO. Also, try to get the players involved in this if possible. People will listen to the players.

    Just my 2 cents.

  32. I am a current member of the Dawg Pack and a chant leader. Wanna know why I put my name down?? If you are a current member of the Dawg Pack, I would love for you to contact me. If you have any questions as to WHY we cheer and WHAT we do, please contact me. If you have any suggestions, please contact me. Find me on Facebook. I want this to be a team effort. In my last 2 years here, there have been too many “cliques” in the Dawg Pack. Those days are over. We are all one team with one purpose–and that is to help the Huskies win basketball games.

    This is my third year in the Dawg Pack. I can’t even begin to explain to you how excited I was freshman year coming to games. I knew like 2 people in the Dawg Pack, and I can promise you I made every effort to go absolutely nuts 100% of the time…this has led to me being one of the current unofficial “leaders.” I used to think having someone lead cheers was stupid, but I realized someone has to do it. When you have multiple people trying to lead the major cheers, it creates a lot of confusion.

    As of this moment, I am soooo pissed off with how the Dawg Pack has been performing. It is so discouraging to be in the front middle leading cheers and knowing that only a few are joining along. To get a look of “who are you?” when I ask people to help is really disheartening. Yeah, we’ve only had 3 games, but I don’t care. If you’re going to wake up at an ungodly hour to compete with thousands of fellow UW students to get Dawg Pack tickets, COME TO THE GAME WITH INTENT TO HELP THE HUSKIES WIN. There is absolutely NO point in sitting in the Dawg Pack if you’re not going to help. If everyone in the Dawg Pack put even half the effort that me and my 10 or 15 closest friends put in, the Dawg Pack would be absolutely insane. If you can’t make it to a game, give your freaking ticket away and have one of your friends come help.

    Each one of us students has 4 years of our lives where we can stand in line for absurd amounts of time, paint our faces, make funny signs, and jump around like wild people during college basketball games. We are living the dream!!! Let’s make the best years of our lives COUNT!

    I ask you from the bottom of my heart; PLEASE come out next game and let’s show this country what the Washington Huskies and the Dawg Pack can do!!!!

    Enough said. Thanks for reading.

  33. Anthony Ghazel – As much as you want people to contact you to figure out what’s going on and how to help, I don’t think it’s going to happen. You need to take initiative, put together a group on Facebook (there’s one already, but it appears dead) and pass out papers with the information on how to join the group on Facebook. IMO this is where the planning needs to be done. If you don’t go to the game without a plan, it’s not going to be very successful. You can get everybody’s opinions this way as well. You need to reach out to them instead of hoping that they turn around. You can’t be forceful and mad about it though as that will turn some people off. Try to get the players involved in the Facebook group as well, as I mentioned above.

    Another suggestion is maybe trying to find one of the leaders of the Duke student section and figuring out how they organize everything. It’s pretty impressive how they get so many people in sync with everything they do.

  34. Anonymous–I disagree. I realize that getting somewhat mad will turn people off, but people should be guilt-tripped. It’s simple: you shouldn’t be in the Dawg Pack if you’re not going to participate. I shouldn’t have to reach out to anyone, but I will if I have to. If they want to be there, they must BE there and do something about helping the Huskies win. If that means only following along with chants, that’s fine. At least that’s contribution. There are people who literally don’t participate at all. Trust me dude, you’d be pissed off too if you had to lead chants and had 20% of the Dawg Pack backing you up.

    I’ll definitely try to liven the whole Facebook thing up though. Thanks for the input!

  35. Also…
    We just started an RSO (Registered Student Organization), to get some benefits and to try and create a better DawgPack community. We are hoping to get every one on an e-mail listserv… next game we will have sign-ups for the list serve… and hopefully this thing will turn around. maybe we will even get some dawgpack event for watching the maui-invite.

  36. Ghazel – I see what you mean. I realize that it would be very frustrating not having everybody cooperate. What I was saying with the mad and forceful part is that during the game people will not respond well if you yell at them to become involved. I completely understand that you are pissed off right now and mad about it all, but try to encourage them in person, not get mad at them. You could be doing this already though, I’m not sure.

    The RSO sounds like a great idea though. You could actually have a meeting once a week on campus or something, plus have the ability to send out mass emails to everybody in the Dawg Pack. Between that and getting an active Facebook group with those same members, I think things will turn around. These are solutions that are easily carried over to the next year as well so we can prevent this problem from happening again.

  37. Man, I can’t wait to get back to attending games in person (currently living in DC), the photos and videos have brought back great memories.

    I’ve got faith that the Dawg Pack intensity will pick up as the season gears up – it’s only natural, as games get more important, people start paying more attention, newcomers figure out how it all works. Dawg Pack leaders should take this as an opportunity to try out new things, ways to get in people’s heads, chants, etc. Just show others you’re having a ton of fun, and don’t whine to others about not being loud, doing certain chants, etc. – not yet. Others will get the hang of it soon and will want to join in on being crazy if they see it’s fun and people aren’t being snobby about it.

    Not to say the core Dawg Pack folks are being jerks right now or anything, I have no idea. But I just encourage them embrace the smaller crowds for now and use it as an opportunity to have more of an individual impact on games. The freshman, non-diehards, etc. have to get into practice, just like the actual players do as well.

  38. Too all of those encouraging us to be more creative in the Dawg Pack, that will come after we are loud. As John said, no one is joining in on the normal chants we do so there is no chance we could get them to join in on anything that was too spontaneous.

    We aren’t, or at least the people I’m around, being mean to people who aren’t yelling, but we are trying as hard as we can to get them to join in. As Anthony said, anyone who has commented on this post would be just as pissed as all of us current Dawg Pack members are about the participation we are getting from everyone else.

    The sign up sheet for a list serv is a great idea. It is nearly impossible to write a link on a piece of paper and get people to go to it after the game.

    To whoever said people shouldn’t try and come sober to the games, apparently some chick puked in the center of the Dawg Pack during the exhibition game because she was so out of it. Coming drunk and jumping up and down isn’t a good idea.

    Also, Oregon State is on its freaking heels right now, not sure who I should be rooting for right now.

  39. Also, just a thought as to why this is happening right now. I don’t think any of the freshman actually saw Nate Robinson or B-Roy play for the huskies. When I saw Nate Robinson on the recieving end of an Alley-Oop I was hooked on Husky Basketball for life. I would guess maybe 10% of the freshman in the Dawg Pack actually watched Husky Hoops during the 03-06 seasons. I don’t hold it against them, they just probably don’t have the history we all have so we need to get them into it more and help them get excited about our current team, which shouldn’t be too hard to do.

  40. Dawg Pack Alum,

    I loved the guys during my time that just hung out behind the opposing team’s bench and rode those guys even when they weren’t in the game just as much as I loved the group in the middle that did all of the other things. Each part of the Dawg Pack has its own flair.

    As for the chants that people don’t like such as “WASH-ING-TON” and others, I’m not a big fan of that either. I think the basics such as “Let’s Go Huskies” and just screaming/yelling during defense are important and the rest can just be catered to the game/opponent and the status of the game.

  41. Mike, We have to say something on offense though right? I think if we just chanted one or two phrases while on offense people would think we were pretty dull and boring. The stuff when we are on offense is pretty much just a bridge to get from one defensive possession to the next and to help keep the building loud and the pressure on our opponent. It is nice to have a bunch of different chants to go to, even if you don’t like one it’ll only get used a few times a game.

  42. Sam, if you have videos you want to post here, they have to be through YouTube to work. WordPress (the site host) only tolerates the YouTube vids for some reason. If you have a YouTube vid, just throw the embed code in the comment box and it should work. If it doesn’t, I’ll edit it for you.

  43. The Dawg Pack in its current form was created by that combustible, once-in forever energy of a program on the verge of pulling itself out of doldrums into limitless success. There was no organization until enough people became hooked on this success and realized they, through extroardinary efforts of fandom, might in fact contribute to the favorable outcome of this story. As such the Dawg Pack had the advantage of:

    1) Intelligent, sports-savvy, fans with exceptional energy
    2) No rules or precedent to follow

    We weren’t any less crass than the common fraternity brother, but we all the same realized our effect upon the opposing players would be best served by being extremely absurd rather than extremely obscene. The theory here is that normal ‘ol rudeness is expected from fans, but creative, absurd, hit-you-right-where-you-least-expected stimulus from the crowd is what is really distracting.

    This in mind, I recommend you consider these and other similar tactics for the future games:

    General Advice:
    1) BE CREATIVE. Absurdity gets attention. Sometimes the simplest, most literal chants are the ones that are the most hilarious. Find a subject and a way to express it so that during the course of a game, the phrase would rise above the din of the crowd and work itself into the thought process of the other team.
    2) Be coordinated. Use pamphlets, props, visual cues, etc.
    3) Keep cheers focused, simple, and specific. “You suck” tells them something they’ve already heard 102039123 times before. “Put in [deepest player on bench]!” at any time the star player makes a mistake is simultaneously direct and obtuse. Now you have two players confused.
    4) Be repetitive. Riffing on a deep bench player or an absurd insult once is lame. Going at it intermittently for 40 minutes will supremely distract an entire team.

    Where to look for material:
    1) Key on ONE player. This does not need to be their best player. In fact, a relegated role-player getting the worst treatment can cause more confusion/consternation among the team. “why him? what has he done? these fans are bizarre! where am I? why is that guy so tall?” etc. etc. Look for the most dramatic player on the other team, and find a way to agitate him. Salim Stoudamire, Chris Hernandez, Radmonevic, but my all time fave was Luke Jackson who was always on the verge of sobs when he played – so I might have drawn a caricature of him with enormous tears streaming down his face to show him how he looked when he turns the ball over.
    2) Do any of the players on the team have quirky histories? I recommend looking into things like equestrian hobbies, laptop thefts, band camp, particularly low SATs (too far?), mistresses they take to Mexico, etc. Develop a theme. Create pamphlets.
    3) Creating a chant/quirky insult in the native language is always a hit (Nicola Vucevic might enjoy this).
    4) Improvise during the game.

    Have a good time out there. I’m sure the doldrums you’re in are nothing too serious.

  44. Comment #57…amazing.

    I’d also like to just opine briefly on the relationship the old Dawg Pack had with the players. Every single guy on those teams treated us like family, and we did the same with them. In fact, we often got to know their family members who would sit directly in front of us in the player’s guests section.

    The thing is, we could be walking around campus and if we happened to run into Brandon or Tre or Jamaal or Mike or Nate or Bobby or Will or even a guy like Zane (and I’m leaving a ton of players out, and for that I apologize, because they were all great to us), they would stop, their faces would light up, our faces would light up, and we’d chat for a minute between classes. These guys were like brothers to us. They couldn’t have been more thrilled to have us as fans, and we couldn’t have been more thrilled to support them. They treated us like celebrities, when we were just happy to be in their collective presence. We genuinely appreciated each other’s presence, and that’s a pretty special thing that I’d imagine a lot of college programs don’t have.

    I can’t speculate on how things currently are between the players and fans, but the fact is it’s a two-way street. If the players aren’t opening up to you, try to find a way to get them to open up. If you aren’t opening up to the players, you should try it. You’re all students. You all go to the same school, you all sit in the same classes, there’s a lot of common ground there. And at the end of the day, we all like being liked. And back in the day, there was a mutual likeness between the players and fans, and that was pretty awesome.

  45. Thanks for everyone who has given us advice on what they want to see from the chants and how to come up with some good ones, but I think you’re overlooking the big problem we’re having. At this point (admittedly early in the season) we aren’t worried about the creativity or what we are chanting or yelling, we are worried that there is no one in the dawg pack yelling it with us and that there is absolutely no noise coming from the Dawg Pack. Even if we came up with the perfect chant that caused all 12 of the other teams players to turn our way and start laughing, it wouldn’t work because they wouldn’t hear it. The creativity will be there once Pac-10 season roles around, even though I have no idea what we are going to do without Gasser, Gerrity, Ernesto, or Dragovich this year.

  46. Make friends with people before games. It sounds very basic, very cheesy, very simple, but I remember sitting on the pavement for the first game of my sophomore year, not knowing half the people I was chillin with. Me and my buddy Charlie are sitting there on the pavement next to the student entrance at around noon for a game against Sisters of the Dismembered and one dude shows up who we don’t know, then another, then another, until we’re surrounded by people who we don’t know. We ended up all becoming friends. We just sat around and shot the shit, talked about Husky Basketball, talked about school, talked about life. Eventually we all became close. It’s easier said than done, I know, but you can relate to anyone if you try. People are by nature good. Even if they won’t chant and don’t seem to care. You can do it.

  47. @Alex – gotta say that I’m a fan of the site and the care taken to preserve the memories of our devotion. Thank you.

  48. It’d be easier to chat them up outside before the game if they showed up outside before the game. Its probably just because the first few games have been bad but the line outside of games hasn’t gone past the stairs down to the Graves building before they let us in. The center section was open until about 15 mins before the game last week.

  49. I loved the Dawg Pack, man. Can’t say it enough. The word “family” gets thrown around a lot, but that’s what we were. From Lorenzo Romar, to Brandon Roy, to Jim at the door, to Chip in the athletic department, to Carol and Pam in marketing, to the cheer and pom squad, to the band, to the last kid to squeeze into the student section before a game. Even the non-student fans wanted to be a part of the Dawg Pack (ex. John). Those were great times. I really hope the current Dawg Pack can pull it out and experience something similar to this. It’s pretty freakin amazing.

  50. I love all of this. I love that it’s being talked about.

    I have a feeling that because of all this banter, the Dawg Pack is going to be raging again within a couple weeks. It’s happening.

  51. Scott A. – I agree that there need to be chants on offense. I was just saying that most anything will work. Just need the old standby chants. Everything else – do something a little out there that relates to the opponent and we’re all winners.

    #57: I agree. Amazing.

    Alex – I completely agree with the family concept. I remember my +1 year (we’ll call that grad school), it definitely seemed like the players/parents didn’t have as much interest in chatting up the fans. It was always pretty cool to have one of the players acknowledge/recognize you (the fan) on campus. I know that some of it had to do with timing, but I loved nearly everything about my experience in the Dawg Pack. I consider the people I met in that process some of my favorite people… and that includes the “non-students” as Alex mentioned.

  52. To summarize this thread, keep spreading the word, keep getting loud, get creative, make it fun. Just need time and effort from the already dedicated members

  53. Steve Balmer has tickets! I saw him at the last game but didn’t know he got season tix. Uh oh, NBA-ization of Hec Ed. Someone needs to be given a ‘where’s your purple?’ chant. Show you have some ballz and chant at one of the richest persons in the world to put on a damn purple shirt. Its sad John lost his past seats. I assume he is still near the court.


    I think one of my best memories was chanting at a kid across the court he needed new friends because his buddy was wearing duck gear. Best part was he got up and moved away from his friend to our delight.

  54. Hi all, This is a great thread to read. I noticed the last couple games have been down not only in creativity and participation, but in DawgPack attendance. Maybe people still have football on their mind, but people need to realize this is a top 15 team right now, the best team in our city, and there is no way students shouldn’t be showing up. I don’t care if you have to go through the dorms/greek system before the games and get people to come on down, but something needs to change. what happened to student tickets being sold out?

    As far as participation goes. I think this is really a sign of the times. One of the great parts of the old DawgPack, was people were willing to talk to each other, work with each other, and get to know each other. There were frat guys and dorm people camped out before the game and it really didn’t matter. The majority didn’t seem to care where you were from, just that you were a huge Dawg fan. This whole argument between frat guys and dorm nerds needs to go away before the DawgPack can truly come back. With all the social networking sites out there, I feel like people are still feeling socially uncomfortable at a younger age. To be honest, the edges of the DawgPack looks like a high school crowd. It has the “i don’t want to embarrass myself” feeling. This gets better as people get to know each other, but not sure how quickly that will happen if people are unwilling to associate between the “dorm nerds” or “frat bros.”

    Let’s just face it, there is not enough space in either the dorms or the frats for EVERYONE to live in one place. Also, not all dorm people would succeed academically in frats and vice versa. I lived in the dorms for a year and then an apartment off campus, but feel I would have liked the fraternity life. I thought about joining, but made the decision that was best for me. I would have loved the fraternity lifestyle, but I didn’t think I was disciplined enough to succeed academically with that lifestyle. (fyi – I still drank and partied, just probably a little less) Different strokes for different folks. WHO CARES?!?! People need to get over themselves and work together. If you don’t like the way it is, CHANGE IT! the DawgPack reflects the students. As much as I would like to see it remain classy and creative, it’s YOUR dawgpack. just remember to be inclusive or it won’t work.

    My favorite part of the Dawgpack was nothing was really thought through and planned. There were so many people that just had an extreme passion for the team, the players and the school that things just came together on their own. Let it happen!!! I know the DawgPack and the fan’s love the team, so put all your differences aside and just go crazy. I know I always looked stupid and embarrassed myself many time, (falling over onto attractive girls while jumping, voice cracking when yelling, forgot deodorant a few times haha) but I didn’t care. I just love my DAWGS!!!! You can’t just create passion, has to be there. I think it’s there, but people are just scared to make a fool of themselves.

  55. also, I think it would be awesome to have a dawgpack alumni section at hec-ed (similiar to an ECS or Hawks nest type of crowd). I’ve had season tickets for a few years now and I am up and down in my seat all the time and still scream at the refs from my seat, but sometimes I feel like I am the only one yelling from opposite the dawgpack. how sweet would it be to have a corner of the arena where we could go crazy again? it may even create some competition for the dawg pack and make them better. just a thought.

  56. @Alex: What else do you have going on this season? You should take it upon yourself to fire up the Dawg Pack once more. Make some signs (get Craig to help!), pass out fliers encouraging the Dawg Pack to read this blog for dirt on opponents, ask Romar to direct a challenge to the Dawg Pack. There is no reason this team should lose a single home game this year. You have the bully pulpit!

  57. Great ideas – exceptional post ghostdog #57. Hopefully this will turn some things around – I really gotta agree with what Andy is saying – from across the way a lot of the pack look like they are afraid of looking silly or stupid or whatever – the lack of energy is very apparent. I didn’t know anyone in the dawg pack other than my friends in it at the time (another ..02/03-06’er here) but when we were in the section during gametime we ALL knew each other and we were all one, as cheesy as that sounds. The spontaneous group cohesion during chants and key moments were incredible and thats the kind of stuff that makes games that you remember and think/talk about years and years later down the road.
    Going into an already-successful program might have spoiled some of that for the current crop but they need it more than ever to maintain.

  58. Another Dawg Pack alum here that was disgraced by what went on with the Eastern game. Part of college is making a dork of yourself with school spirit. Do you know how badass you look the louder and more obvious you are? When the whole Dawg Pack is like that, you don’t stand out, you fit in and the entire Dawg Pack looks amazing.

    Dawg Pack members, you have an opportunity here: Football season is gross, it’s difficult to be spirited when you’re almost suffering from hypothermia and covered in six layers of clothing… basketball is different. Make a difference.

    C’mon guys, STEP. IT. UP.

  59. I LOVE the Dawg Pack alumni section idea but it would be tough to regulate true Dawg Packers into one localized area since the tickets would have to be purchased all together in order to get the same seats. At this point the only option is to gather people into the overflow section in section 4 (I think).

    And I’d be more than willing to take time before a game to help rally up the Dawg Pack and pass out flyers or whatever it takes to get them amped up.

  60. I think this picture was in the daily one year, I remember finding the “Hakeem, he’s smarter than you!” sign hilarious, big props to whoever made it. Remember the UW TV commercial at the time? Where it showed Hakeem in a white coat in a biology lab…classic unintentional comedy.

    Amen to post #57, especially picking on a role-player, always was perplexing to the other team! :)

    6 years (2 for grad school) of dawgpack action, some of the best memories of college…

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