Dawg Pack Dirt: Eastern Washington

Dawg Pack Dirt: Eastern Washington University

Volume 7, Issue 3, November 16, 2010

Special to Seattle Sportsnet

Written by dedicated Dawg Pack members

The Game:

-Eastern Washington University Eagles (0-1) at #15 University of Washington Huskies (1-0)

-Hec Edmundson Pavilion, Seattle, WA

-Tuesday, November 16, 2010 at 7:00 PM

The Team:

-The Eagles are a member of the Big Sky Conference (NCAA Division I).

-They lost their first game to San Jose State by a score of 67-60.

The players:

-#1 G (So.) Glen Dean won Big Sky Freshman of the Year last season.

Currently is recovering from a stress fracture in his foot.

-#2 F (Fr.) Rakim ‘Rocky’ Brown is trying to find a hookup for some Space Jams and a Bulls hat.

Which makes total sense, given he looks like Dennis Rodman’s (illegitimate) child.

Rakim Brown and a prize-winning piece from his collection of knock-off Jordans.

-#4 G (Fr.) Willie Hankins backed up Tacoma native and current Boston Celtic Avery Bradley at Findlay Prep (Henderson, Nev.).

He currently is out with eligibility issues.

-#5 F (Fr.) Carter Warnock is recovering from a serious bout with pinkeye. In both eyes.

Claims he’s in love with Farrah from MTV’s 16 & Pregnant.

Apparently listening to Enter Sandman while driving to purchase Call of Duty: Black Ops makes him go “from 6 to midnight.”

Unfortunately for us, he is redshirting this season.

-#10 G (Fr.) Sean Fischer hails from the land of Canada.

Is a member of the group “I hate it when I can’t find the cheese grater so I have to use my abs”.

His teammates tell him he looks like Wentworth Miller (Michael from Prison Break).  He resents this because it draws attention to his receding hairline.

-#11 G (Jr.) Cliff Colimon has an ankle sprain and is doubtful to play.

Last year he played for Utah State University – College of Eastern Utah where he “led” the team to a NJCAA Championship averaging 3.5 ppg…

-#12 F (Jr.) Rashano McRae is a JC transfer.

He is suffering from back spasms and may not play.

Is having girl troubles and wants to know “Where are all da females with class” are.

Hails from the Bronx, New York.

*Editor’ note: His first name is Rashano, which is not actually a real name.

-#15 F (Jr.) Laron Griffin goes by “L-Boogie”

If you want to learn how to Dougie, he is a great teacher (video here).

Is looking to buy an annotated bibliography if any of us have one to sell…

-#20 F (Jr.) Tremayne Johnson was teammates with Arizona State product James Harden in high school, where he averaged 3.5ppg.

He is an interdisciplinary studies major…as a junior…whatever that is.

-#21 G/F (Fr.) Geoffrey Allen’s father is Lucius Allen, former UCLA and NBA star. Lucius was originally drafted by the Seattle Supersonics.

First name is pronounced “Jahf-ree.”

He is having a little bit of a problem with the snow out in Cheney.

-#22 G (So.) Jeffrey Forbes was on the Big Sky All-Academic team (3.2 GPA).

Averaged 13.2 ppg last season.

-#23 G (So.) Kevin Winford is from Anchorage, Alaska. Maybe he knows Sarah Palin. Can he see Russia from his igloo?

He played with current Miami Heat point guard Mario Chalmers in high school. Chalmers, for those who don’t remember, was voted Most Outstanding Player in the 2008 Final Four and hit the game-winning basket against Memphis in the National Championship game.

His two favorite shows are Jerry Springer and The Steve Wilkos Show…classy.

-#32 F (Jr.) Morgan Hyslop is the recipient of an interesting Facebook comment by teammate Geoffrey Allen.

*Editor’s note: The above link only works if you’re friends with Morgan. Maybe everyone should just add him as a friend. That might be more annoying for the kid to deal with than anything else.

Hyslop (middle) and friends, possibly getting ready to film a porno.

-#34 F (Fr.) Jaylen Henry goes by Jay.

Jay was Eastern’s highest rated recruit in years.

His friends think he’ll be the Big Sky Freshman of the Year…but Coach Earlywine just sees him as a bench player (zero minutes of playing time versus San Jose State).

-#42 F (Jr.) Cliff Ederaine is a JC transfer, born in Nigeria.

4 thoughts on “Dawg Pack Dirt: Eastern Washington”

  1. This is awesome that the Dirt is still running strong! Hopefully some current and/or future UW students will continue this tradition and actually use it effectively during games.

  2. It worked pretty well last game, we completely took one of their better players out of the game mentally from the beginning. he fouled out with 2 points

  3. the dawg pack got in to mcnsu’s aowya or rockafeller… Whatever… He was literaly making the jerk off motion at the dawg pack prior to the game… Classy guy, way to go dawg pack

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