Join The Group On Facebook!

Yeah, so, this is kind of tough for me to say. But after Facebook deleted my Seattle Sportsnet profile a while back, I kind of ignored those jerks for a while. I had about 4,000 friends when they axed my ass, and the number was growing every day. Having all those friends was pretty badass, I’m not gonna lie. Thanks for ruining it, Facebook.

Anyways, I finally lightened up to those bastards and created a Facebook group for the site. It’s entitled and you can find it by clicking here. I could have made a fan page, but honestly, I was under the impression that Facebook had gotten rid of the capability to create fan pages. I was wrong about that. But they’ve basically buried fan pages deep within the context of their service, whereas groups are thrust in your face like a stripper’s booty.

So anyways, we have a group now.

Oh, and guess what? Those geniuses over at Facebook decided it would be best if everyone had to request membership into a group, no matter how wide open you make your settings. So you have to ask to be in the group. I apologize on their behalf. Way to go, Zuckerberg. But I promise you this. If you request to join the group, I’ll add you. With any luck, I’ll be clicking the “Add” button quite a bit over the next few days, weeks, months, years, etc.

Can you tell I’ve mellowed out towards Facebook? Yeah, neither can I.

Hopefully you’ll join the group. I’d really appreciate it and I think you’ll be mildly entertained by what I have to offer on Facebook. Plus you’ll get to comingle with all the other readers, and let me tell you something, my readers are the coolest people on the planet. So you’ll be chillin’ with the coolest people on the planet. Enjoy that.

One thought on “Join The Group On Facebook!”

  1. About freakin’ time! Screw facebook though! I say that in a love hate way. Kinda like when a crack addict starts yelling at their drug they just can’t live without.

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