Dawg Pack Dirt: McNeese State

Dawg Pack Dirt: McNeese State

Volume 7, Issue 2, November 13, 2010

Special to Seattle Sportsnet

Written by dedicated Dawg Pack members

The 2010-2011 season officially starts Saturday for the Dawgs.

The Dawg Pack has been known for years as one of the premier student sections in college basketball.  We have been recognized by the likes of ESPN and other media outlets. And being a member of the Dawg Pack comes with responsibilities; here are some of the ground rules…

1. Be Loud and Be Proud. When the other team has the ball, make as much noise as possible. Don’t let the noise stop!

2. Participate in chants. Every voice makes a difference.

3. Keep it classy.

4. Wear Purple.

5. Follow @uwdawgpack on Twitter and join the Welcome to Romarville group on Facebook.

Now, here’s the Dirt!

The Game:

-McNeese State University Cowboys (0-0) at #17 University of Washington Huskies (0-0)

-Hec Edmundson Pavilion, Seattle, WA

-Saturday, November 13, 2010 at 1:00 PM

The Team:

-McNeese State University is located in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and is a member of the Southland Conference (NCAA Division I).

-The Cowboys haven’t been to the NCAA Tournament since 2002 and have just two (2) NCAA appearances in school history.

-The Cowboys had a rough season last year, finishing 10-20 overall.

-The Cowboys return four (4) starters from last year’s team.

The Players:

-#0 G (Sr.) Diego Kapelan is Bosnian, but grew up in Vancouver, BC.

Made his son, Kobe, his own Facebook page.

His son just so happens to be a dog.

*Editor’s note: Uhh…yeah, I actually did this with my dog, too. So…yeah. At least I didn’t name my dog Kobe, though, right?

-#32 C (Sr.) Preston “P.P.” David has a few nicknames, and “PP” is one of them. Hopefully he didn’t receive this nickname by going the R. Kelly route.

Pee Pee got really drunk one night and threw up.  He claims to have been sober since.

He’s a HUGE Lebron fan and hates Kobe. Does this mean he hates Diego’s dog, too?

Has a tattoo of Mufasa, the dad from The Lion King, on his left bicep.


-#35 F (Jr.) Tyson Queen is Pentecostal and speaks in tongues. Ask him how he’s doing and if he doesn’t respond, start speaking his language.

Last Saturday, Tyson announced that he was “about to get clean shaved!!!” No more specification was given.

And he likes Justin Bieber.

-#2 G (So.) Jeremie Mitchell says he’s tired of being single. Any ladies out there? Has he tried e-harmony yet?

Looks like a toothpick.

-#3 F (Jr.) Patrick Richard is the leading returning starter for the Cowboys.

Carencro HS will be retiring his #3 jersey this year.

Favorite quote: “life is like a pack of biscuits, when the heat is on I rise to the top.”

-#54 F (Jr.) Daniel “Ziggy” Richard averaged 2.3 points per game last year.

He’s majoring in Mechanical Engineering and is an honor roll student. He has a few exams next week that have been stressing him out.

-#43 F (Sr.) P.J. “MrRockafella” Alawoya led McNeese State in rebounding last year, and apparently in Public Urination Citations, as well. Between P.P. and MrRockafella, the McNeese State Cowboys might have a ‘going’ problem.

Ask MrRockafella about his urination activities, and make sure he doesn’t contaminate the streets of Seattle.

MrRockafella can be contacted by phone. Get in touch with a Dawg Pack member for the number.

-#22 G (Sr.) Stephan Martin Jr. really wants to see Due Date. Share some spoilers with him.

Is in a relationship with Jamie.

Apparently addicted to the new Call of Duty game. A recent Facebook status update:

‘Shid COD I got mind do u have yours?’… That makes a lot of sense.

Get in touch with a Dawg Pack member for Stephan’s phone number.

-#23 G (Sr.) Curry (C.J.) Collins goes by CJ TheGreatest Collins on Facebook. I think we can safely assume he does not enjoy his birth-name, Curry.

-#24 F (Jr.) Mari Konate (Pronounced ‘my-ree coonah-tay’)

Hails from the greatest country in the world, France.

Transferred from the University of South Carolina – Salkehatchie Junior College (4.2 PPG), I’d like to know if he can actually spell that.

He started his collegiate career at Sheridan College in Wyoming (4.2 PPG).

One of his better hair days…

-#10 G (So.) Brandon Regis’s favorite hobby is “hunging out with my girlfriend,” Becky.

Nickname: B Regg.

Believes he will be the next Lebron…averages 2.1 ppg.

*Editor’s note: Hah! Well played.

-#5 PG (So.) Dontae Cannon’s nickname is TAE.

Questionable whether he will play because of a knee injury.

Self-appointed “inspiration leader” of the team.

Some recent Facebook status updates include:

“But everything’s good until it goes bad.”

“Don’t go through life. Grow through life.”

“That can’t stop me my life got bad brakes.”

One thought on “Dawg Pack Dirt: McNeese State”

  1. Well done, Dawg Pack. I looked at this post not even knowing where McNeese State was. Facebook is a marvelous tool.

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