Two Years…

Well, it’s been two years. I don’t really know what to say. I never thought we’d make it this far. I created this website one night while sitting at The Seattle Times waiting for high school sports news to come across my desk. Bought the domain name and everything. It was a real classy affair.

Here’s my very first post, in case you want to relive the past. You may notice that the date attached to that wonderful piece of prose is November 11, 2008. That article was actually written on November 12th, however when I transferred my site from Blogspot to its current host, WordPress, the time and date on a number of posts got thrown out of whack. By the way. Let me just say that transferring site hosts is a real bitch. Never do it. I had to shut down for a few days just to handle all that crap. It was a pain in the ass. Congratulations, WordPress. I’m sticking with you forever. If only because I’m too lazy to transfer all my goods once again. You’ve got me for life. You win.

The people at WordPress are just now double-charging my credit card on the auto-renew. “No, it’s okay, he said he’s here for life, keep charging his ass. Now go over to Vivid and download a few movies for me. It’s cool. He probably won’t notice.”

First of all, I would notice. Because I do check my statement every now and then. But the only thought that would cross my mind would be, “When the hell did I purchase Arabian porn? And where did I save it on my computer, if that’s the case? I gotta track this sh*t down.”

Five or six people just clicked off this page after reading that last paragraph. Thanks be to the rest of you for sticking around. It is my second anniversary, after all. I could have bombarded you with a sappy love poem about the past 24 months, but I didn’t want to do that to you. Anniversaries are supposed to be happy affairs. You go out for a nice dinner, you come back home, you give her something nice, she gives you something that you toss on the counter and forget about, then you have sex. Thankfully, she knows not to get you something too important for this occasion because the real gift is, yes, the sex. Meanwhile, you’ve spent the last few weeks scraping together the money to fund this amazing evening, complete with an amazing present wrapped in a nice little box, just to get…sex. It likely would have been cheaper to pay a prostitute to do things to you that you had never experienced before. But in the end, I suppose, you both get something out of it. So there’s that. And this is why we love anniversaries.

So two years. I was thinking the other day that in two years, we haven’t really come that far as a sports town. Sadly. Any of you who went back and read the article I linked four paragraphs up may have realized that since I issued my inaugural Seattle sports manifesto in 2008, our teams haven’t improved much. The Sonics are still in Oklahoma. The Seahawks are a .500 ballclub. The Mariners are coming off another hundred-loss season. And the Husky Football team is staring down the barrel of mediocrity.

To top it all off, Dave Niehaus died this week. What a tragedy. The voice of Seattle sports passing so suddenly. I’ve never been more devastated than when I heard the news of his death. He breathed life into this town when it was otherwise lifeless. He was the heart and soul of this city’s sports landscape. To say he will be missed is an egregious understatement. There will never be another like him, never be anyone to replace him. He’s an icon, a legend. I only wish we could have had him here for much, much longer.

Through all this negative, though, there has to be some positive. And there is.

In the past two years, I’ve felt very honored and very humbled to bring many of this city’s sports fans together. That would be all of you, those who are reading this as we speak. I don’t know if it’s accurate to say that bringing fans together was my goal or my mission in creating this site, but there’s no denying that it has happened. And that’s a great feeling.

Through this website, I’ve been able to achieve things I never thought possible. I’ve met people I never would have had the chance to meet. I’ve helped in ways I never thought I could help. This website has been an enormous opportunity for me, and I feel very fortunate to have had that opportunity to communicate to all of you on a daily basis. It isn’t something that many of us are privileged enough to do. It isn’t something that I ever take for granted. It isn’t something that I take lightly at all. I thoroughly enjoy being a voice to and for the fans, and more than that I thoroughly enjoy interacting with and being one of the fans. Because that’s all I am. And deep in my heart of hearts I know that absolutely anyone could do what I’m doing right now. All it takes is the desire to write and a few bucks for a domain name. Anyone can do this. There’s no secret formula. No spare parts are needed. It’s a wide open field.

But lucky for me, all of you have given me that chance to not only do this, but have success with it. The success that I’ve had writing each day on these pages is directly attributed to you, my readers, who have taken this site from nothing and turned it into something. It’s because of you that other people care about this site. It’s because of you that I get up every day and want to continue writing. It’s because of you that I’ve enjoyed doing this day in and day out. And that’s the biggest thing, the enjoyment of it all. This wouldn’t be enjoyable without such a great audience. And that’s what I have. That makes all the difference in the world.

To say that I’m very grateful wouldn’t be enough. I simply could not do this without all of you. And I sincerely, from the very bottom of my heart, thank you for being a part of Seattle Sportsnet. Which, let me tell you, I kind of thought was a stupid name when I came up with it. But it’s caught on now. So changing it might be troublesome.

Thank you for spending the first two years with me. I have a toddler on my hands now. They grow up so fast.

7 thoughts on “Two Years…”

  1. Keep it going. I probably check this site 4 times a day, just looking to see if you posted something new or not. My favorite line of yours was when you said Jose Lopez would be taking your order at Wendy’s if you ran the Mariners or something like that. That made me laugh beyond belief. There’s just something comical about Jose Slopez.

  2. I discovered this site thru an article of yours posted on Bleacher Report and was like “hey, I think I know that guy!”.

    Ah, the good ol’days of working at Champs, laughing at Eastside douche bags and selling shoes to Shawn Kemp. Those were some fun times until that bitch of a lady pissed me off.

  3. Nathan: Thank you.

    TRT: I laughed. That was perfect.

    Dylan: “Those were some fun times until that bitch of a lady pissed me off.” I laughed, that’s hilarious. And please don’t judge me by the Bleacher Report days. That was a mistake. The founder of the site emailed me personally and asked if I’d submit my material to their site. I did it for a while, then realized that they weren’t running the best operation. It’s a complete sh*tshow over there.

  4. Yeah, BR is a complete joke. But it reunited me with an old friend, so that’s good. And its good that you’ve moved on from there. You are much better than that.

  5. Great-the terrible twos…now we are in for the true s*tshow to start! Congrats on a great job thus far.

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