Howard Schlutz Continues To Torment Our Very Existence

Not unlike when Darth Vader infiltrated Cloud City, when Lord Voldemort infiltrated the Ministry of Magic, or even when Jack Parkman infiltrated the Cleveland Indians’ clubhouse, Howard Schultz (aka Schlutz)  — that rat bastard of epic proportions, he of ultimate betrayal and epic turncoat-ism — has infiltrated the University of Washington Dawg Pack.

Take a look at what that evildoer is up to these days. Son of a b.

This is the front and rear of the 2010-2011 University of Washington Dawg Pack Men’s Basketball t-shirts (special thanks to loyal reader Rebecca for the photos):

The front
The rear

Yeah. I know. Gross.

Not only is the back of the shirt being sponsored by Schlutzy’s evil empire, it’s also false advertising. From here, for here? What are you? FUBU? Last I checked, you were from here, but for Oklahoma City. So that’s a big f**kin’ lie.

It’s unfortunate because the design on the front would easily make these the coolest Dawg Pack shirts in the history of the world. I have four Dawg Pack shirts (2003-2007) in my possession, and this lovely garment would easily top them all.

Were it not for the back, that is.

Look, if you’re one of the Dawg Pack members wearing this shirt to every home game, I am literally begging you to cover up that Satanical advertisement. Put whatever you want over that Nazi propaganda. It’s your shirt. You can do what you want. Just obscure that sh*t like your life depended on it. Please.

We’re in this together. Schlutz is not one of us. He’s a criminal and a murderer. No one wants to wear the logo of a heartless villain around. Do whatever it takes. Just get rid of that unholiness.

Thank you for your time. And please spread the word.

17 thoughts on “Howard Schlutz Continues To Torment Our Very Existence”

  1. Mike that wouldn’t be an act of defiance at all. Either you work for starbucks or the UW athletic dept. and/or you frequently let your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend walk all over you.

    I’m going to turn my re’s into ll’s also.

  2. Am I the only one to think that this shirt is really creepy? I mean I like Romar as a coach, but wearing him is just a little too far for me. Plus, he’s spoken to the dawg pack many times about the “Romar” chant from time to time, isn’t this disrespectful to his wishes?

  3. It looks like a wanted poster that used a sketch of Coach Romar when he was drunk. And the “From Here For Here” is a statement used by someone with a weed plant in his basement.

  4. I’ll provide purple (or black or whatever color the shirt is) spray paint (or some sort of fabric paint) before this saturday’s McNeese State game so the starbucks can be painted over if Dawg pack member wanna jump on board.

  5. I’ll provide purple (or black or whatever color the shirt is) spray paint (or some sort of fabric paint) before this saturday’s McNeese State game so the starbucks can be painted over if Dawg pack members wanna jump on board.

  6. I guess I’m in the minority, because when I see “From Here, For Here” it doesn’t make me think of Starbucks at all, so covering up the Starbucks Coffee at the top would eliminate (what I would think to be) the majority of people thinking of Starbucks.

  7. I work for starbucks and would either wear a different shirt, or if I was forced to wear this shirt, tape over the ridiculous logo, it screams “Ya I sold out the city of Seattle and their basketball, but I still want to make a profit.” I ask Dawg Pack members to tape over this atrocity and boycott this company, Tully’s is better anyway.

  8. That shirt is terrible. They should have a shirt burning party in Red Square. I am sure some UW alums can donate some money and get some decent purple shirts without the brutal Howie company on the back. Howie is bad luck, really, really bad luck. Dude is a prick.

  9. And when Howie is sitting in his hospital bed with a broken nose and cheekbone, and he hears the doctor pull the curtain back….it will be the X-man in a long black leather coat.

  10. I know rebecca, she said that she loves Howard Schultz and likes to pretend that he is her dad

  11. im sitting in class with her right now and she just said “no one will believe it… but its true” (followed by an evil laugh)

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