Dawg Pack Dirt: Saint Martin’s University

*Editor’s note: This is the first issue of the 2010-2011 Dawg Pack Dirt. The Dirt is now in its seventh season of production and is being put together by a brand new group of Dawg Pack members this year. This is the third generation of Dirt Diggers since the pre-game publication was created by yours truly in 2004.

In years’ past, the Dirt has been recognized by the likes of ESPN The Magazine as one of the premier student-run info sheets in the entire nation. Special thanks to our contributors for making (and keeping) this thing fantastic. Go Dawgs!

Dawg Pack Dirt: St. Martin’s University

Volume 7, Issue 1, November 6, 2010

Special to Seattle Sportsnet

The game:

-SMU Saints at Washington Huskies

-Saturday, November 6, 2010 at 5:00 p.m. PDT

-Hec Edmundson Pavilion

-This is an exhibition game that will not count toward either team’s 2010-2011 record.

The team:

-St. Martin’s is a member of the Great Northwest Athletic Conference (GNAC).

-The 2008 SMU squad beat the Colorado State University Rams, which was their first victory over a D-I opponent.

-The Saints finished eighth in their conference last year with a 14-13 record.

The players:

#2 G (So.) Eric Taylor has a Facebook page dedicated to all of his obvious questions which can be found here.

Some highlights from Eric’s Facebook page:

Matt walks into the room drenched and shivering in his shorts and flip flops and Eric proceeds to ask,”O is it raining outside?”

Unheard Response: No, I got in between a fire engine and a burning house.

Eric asks Roger, “What city is Montana-State Billings in? Bozeman?”

Unheard response: Billings.

#3 G (Sr.) Galen Squiers says his greatest athletic thrill was making an almost full-court shot at the buzzer to beat Hawaii-Hilo by one point.

Has a girlfriend named Kristen.

#4 F (Fr.) Michael Russo is taking Italian. If anyone knows any phrases make sure to let him know.

#15 G (Fr.) Kyle Karnofski says he chose SMU for academics.

His hobbies include sports, N64, and Facebook.

Claims he doesn’t understand politics and his favorite quote is “you cant be stupid all your life”.

His own mother, Kim, wrote on his Facebook page that he cannot dunk.

*Editor’s note: That’s cold.

Kyle Karnofski and teammate Roger O'Neill share a Rice Krispie treat.

# 20 G (So.) Brady Bomber got braces this past Tuesday. Ask him how his teeth are feeling.

He enjoys pumpkin pie.

His hobbies include playing video games, watching TV (yes, he watches Glee), and surfing the web.

Apparently, he used to look like Zac Efron.

He’s having some trouble in his accounting class. Someone help him out.

Has answered over 100 questions about himself on Formspring…

#21 G (Jr.) Ryan Votaw includes playing Call of Duty and sleeping among his hobbies.

Says his favorite food is Olive Garden bread sticks.

He is eating quite a bit in his Facebook profile picture.

#22 F (So.) Roger O’Neill claims SMU will “shock the world on 11/6.”

His hobbies are Twitter (tweeting?) and playing fantasy football.

Likes to drop rhymes: “Oh my oneezie leanin fierce, im fading nastier than paul pierce, green around me call me a shamrock, im fillin it up so g …”

Can be reached by phone. Contact a Dawg Pack member for the number.

Roger O'Neill in everyday attire.

#23 G (Fr.) Garrett Stoney describes himself as “NICE,” “COOL,” and “AWESOME.”

Loves egg nog and his Taylor Swift poster.

SMU recently put him in “internet jail” for downloading Step Brothers off iTunes.

#32 F Jeremy Green was the second-leading scorer for SMU last year.

He loves Taco Bell and Four Loko. Yep.

#33 F Brok Pendleton describes himself as “tall, white and slow.”

He went to France for his mission trip back in 2006.

Brok Pendleton adapting to French culture.

#34 C Alex Williams (Fr.) seems to be somewhat insecure about his height. He checks in at an awkward 6’8″, 200 pounds.

He was crowned Homecoming King last year as a senior at Capitol High School in Olympia.

#42 F Brad Norman (Fr.) says his biggest thrill in life was dunking in high school.

Brad has a girlfriend named Brooke.

#44 F Blake Poole (Sr.) led Saint Martin’s in scoring last year.

Describes himself as “ready and down.”

*Editor’s note: Lots of things you could do with that description.

Enjoys writing poetry, and one of his most popular works is titled, “Is it Possible for Me to Love You Already?”

Hails from Eugene, Ore.  Make sure to ask him why he was never recruited by his hometown Ducks.

*Editor’s note: F*** this guy.

Enjoys making new friends on Facebook.

Blake Poole is cooler than you.

#45 C Matt Dodson (So.) averaged 2.6 ppg last year.


5 thoughts on “Dawg Pack Dirt: Saint Martin’s University”

  1. Oregon isn’t scoring 100 on the Huskies. I would be shocked if UW doesn’t put up at least 90 on SMU.

  2. Norvel Pelle is going to be at the McNeese State game, make sure the dirt talks about this so we can get the dawg pack to really make him feel wanted and welcome

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