Karate Emergency: Episode 2

We had a lot of fire this week. If the pilot episode was a C-plus, we feel like this week’s show was a solid B.

It’s a good sign when Ashley drops two f-bombs in the first minute. And we laughed a lot more. And Divish might have had his wallet stolen before showing up. He was seriously pissed.

Topics include election night, Angie Mentink, Tim Lincecum, Oregon Football, Keith Price For Heisman, Seattle sports fans, Arthur Rhodes, Skype, and much more.

The media player link.

The advanced media player link.

The page with the iTunes download.

5 thoughts on “Karate Emergency: Episode 2”

  1. I played golf at West Seattle two summers ago. 4 holes in I found out the guy playing with us was Angie Mentink’s dad. We realized this was the case after spending 10 minutes ripping FSN and their shitty commentators, notably Angie. Made for a very awkward round.

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