12 thoughts on “Costume Contest Winner: Slutty Francois Botha”

  1. What is this Hyundai rental car bullshit? And why is there pudding all over the carpet?

    Fuck it, I’m just watching the Oregon game.

  2. You won’t like me when I get angry!!!

    I get all blue and head back into my mushroom house! Argh!!!

  3. Mike said it best, “college football sucks”. And yea, all you fake me’s… Hyundai rental car = complete piece of shit! I thought my car sucked… then I drove a Hyundai Elantra. It’s like when you think your life sucks, then you drive through… hmm… Eugene. Effing *ucks!

  4. None of you fuckers ever came back and moved your cars. Fuck you guys. I hate you all.

  5. To try and get past this terrible day of college sports I have decided to drink some scotch.

    I love scotch… scotchy scotch scotch.

    Yes, you bastards… come move your cars so I can go trolling for “ladies” and pick up Matt Holt off Aurora. I’m so angry right now I could punch a garage door!

  6. I blame last night’s drinking on this morning inability to drop Clayton, move Clark to IR, and pick up a D in my battle today with Alex. That’s ok, we don’t need a D against the Honkies… they’re garbage!

  7. I love in Renton not Aurora. If you want to pick me up, you need to drive further.

    BTW – I AM SEXY!

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