Karate Emergency: Episode 1

That picture to the left has nothing to do with anything. I just really like it. Enjoy.

You’re here for Karate Emergency, and I thank you for that. Without wasting too much of your time, I give you two links to the podcast itself.

THIS LINK gives you the basic media player to listen to the podcast directly to your computer OR save and download to your iTunes or iPod.

THIS OTHER LINK gives you the colorful, fun media player with a time feature (so you can go back and say, “My favorite part happened at blank-thirty,” for example) for those of you who only want to listen on your desktop.

Just a little behind-the-scenes info for you real quick. The format of our show will likely change quite a bit in the coming weeks. After a few episodes, we’re planning on bringing in guests quite frequently. We also have some other bits in the works. So stay tuned for that.

Like any pilot episode, this was kind of our first stab at things. We really like what we came up with, but we know we have a lot of work to do to get to where we want to be.

Feel free to leave any comments/questions/feedback in the comments section right here. Thanks for listening!

8 thoughts on “Karate Emergency: Episode 1”

  1. Awesome show! Entertaining and it’s great that everyone is so…Free spirited and have no problem using colorful language to emphasize things! It’s awesome! It’s also great that everyone on the show can actually speak normally, and with enthusiasm! Keep up the great work Karate Emergency! Gonna follow you on Twitter now.

  2. My favorites:

    Ashley: “Ooohh, I love Jock Jams.”
    Alex: “Jock Jams 2 is actually better.” (you need to listen to this in context – 26th minute)

    Josh: “Thunder Sticks are like soft-core porn.”

    Minute 31. Just listen.

    New terms learned:

    Moose knuckle

  3. Next time you walk by a starbucks, and have the urge to defecate, you gotta just upper-deck the sh*t out of their toilet. I can’t imagine anything more satisfying…

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