The 24-Hour Push To Get Barack Obama To Play Ball With Us

What are the odds that we can get Barack Obama and his staff to play basketball with my rec team, the Athletic Supporters? The Prez happens to be arriving in Seattle tonight (Wednesday) and will be leaving some time on Thursday. Regardless of his geographic proximity, I would have to imagine that the odds of him running with us are not very good at all. Probably like one-in-a-million (So you’re tellin’ me there’s a chance…).

I’m gonna give it a shot anyways, by using Twitter as my medium. You can follow me on Twitter (@alexssn) as I harass Barack (@BarackObama), attempting to coerce him into a pickup game with the best recreational basketball team on the planet.

I know two things. One, we won’t lose. And two, Barack and his staff probably don’t have the confidence to run with us. We’re good. And Reggie Love ain’t nothin’.

Let’s go, Barack.

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