Who Runs This?!

*Please post your questions, etc. in the comments section of this post. At the end of the week, I’ll be compiling an answer column based on your feedback. Thanks!

Once upon a time, someone asked me the above question on Facebook Chat. It was a fair inquiry, and after I got over the shock of online bullying, the interrogator and I became good friends. She turned out to be pretty nice.

Here’s the deal. Even though I’m the one behind the words, the people who actually run this site are all of you, the loyal readers. Without your feedback, without your interest, I’m useless. (Some might argue that I’m useless with or without you, and to that I have no rebuttal. Just a sigh and a nod.) I’m only here to entertain those folks who wish to be entertained. And I don’t really feel like I get the pulse of the readership enough.

So this is what I want from you. I want your questions, concerns, points of emphasis, general discussion, everything. I want it here, in the comments sections of this post. Whatever you ask or say, I’ll respond to.

Within reason, that is. There are certain things I can’t answer. This is a family environment, after all. I’m sure plenty of nice people with one-and-a-half children and three-quarters of a dog sit around the fireplace and read this sh*t aloud. See that. I even censor words like “sh*t,” so you can’t tell what I’m saying. It might say “shut” or “shot.” You don’t know.

If you can do that for me, I’d really appreciate it. You guys are the reason I get up each day inspired to write. This site will be two years old on November 12th. And I figure if we can keep it going through the toddler years, we should be good.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

43 thoughts on “Who Runs This?!”

  1. Will there ever be anything as entertaining as playing with me on NBA hangtime? And if you haven’t you really should, because it is arguably the best experience ever.

  2. Since the M’s are finally done, the Hawks have a bye, and the Dawgs – well, let’s just not even go there – I think it’s time for you to talk about something that all your readers REALLY care about. I’m speaking, of course, about a breakdown of the Top Ten Sport Video Games of All-time. I know what you’re thinking… and yes, I do have a girlfriend. But seriously, let’s hear it from you, the master.

  3. Write the plot for the 30 in 30 movie about the 2010 Huskies. They started the season 2-3, but they miraculously came back to win the Pac-10 title with Jake winning the Heisman. Bonus points if you can tie in Antoine Tyler, the ghost from The Sixth Man.

  4. How likely are you to give Josh Sabrowsky significant playing time now that he has recorded a basket for the Athletic Supporters?

  5. talk Husky hoops because it’s almost that time of year and they are going to be filthy, nasty something sick to watch this season !

  6. – Who is the ugliest athlete in pro sports history?

    – What is the biggest perk of being a part of Seattle sports media?

    – Best beer on a budget?

    – Top 5 most hated teams, any sport at any level?

  7. I should add that I’m going to answer all of these questions/comments/concerns at the end of the week in an Answer Column. So keep em coming.

  8. I know plenty of people who are drawn back from your blog due to the raunchiness. If you could eliminate some of the “sexual” stuff it would bring in more readers. Plus, it’s just kind of unneeded.

  9. i am a mariner whore. i hate them so much, but yet, still, and always will love them. what do you feel the mariners’ moves should be this off-season? who would you like to see as the manager? what players would you want to see wearing a m’s jersey come next april? i hate the m’s, but love them so much.

  10. How could Bailey not know who Alex is? He is among the most legendary Dawg Packers ever. DUH.

    *sighs* Softball players… to this day every time I meet someone with the name “Ashley” I am compelled to go “Ashley!! Ashley Charters!! Ashley, Ashley, Ashley, Ashley Charters!!!”

  11. On a scale of 1 to 100, 1 being a recepticle for grasshopper dung and 100 equaling a deity. Where would you rate Hugh Millen’s snake oil cocktail conclusions on evaluating player value and performance? And why? By all means, please use Matt Hasslebeck as an example.

    2010 stats
    Pssr rating\70.7 Yards\814 TD’s\4 INT’s\6 *Sack\9

    Housh, Burleson & Branch were dispatched as culprits related to a bad team passing game i.e. wont or can’t run routes. Housh and Nate have touchdowns apiece, as many as any one receiver on the Hawks roster. *SPOILER ALERT* Branch overall was a bust here, but he will have as many touchdowns in 2010 as any of our current recievers before the year is out. Brady will make Branch better. I like our young guys, and Charlie chuckles doesn’t give me hope, however why do so many people believe Millen’s assesment that Matt is the answer beyond this year? Millen is a bum. If he had balls he’d get on the sideline somewhere.

    * The 3 teams represented by our former recievers have given up 5, 5, and 8 sacks. Essentially Matt is being sacked at 2.25% a game. Matt is NOT being killed in the pocket.

    13 QB’s have been sacked more than 9 times this year. M.Schuab Texans (14), J.Cutler Bears (17) are the most pummled QB’s in the league and both teams are tied or lead their division(s) in wins.

    8 QB’s have been sacked 9 times.

  12. I know plenty of people who are drawn back from your blog due to the raunchiness. If you could add some more of the “sexual” stuff it would bring in more readers. Plus, it’s just kind of needed.

  13. Rio? Are we going to need a little talking too? Perhaps you and Alex could have your own personal web chat!

  14. I am truly sorry Alex’s mom I will just stick with the appropriate websites for “that” stuff and my magazines and NOT encourage Alex and Seattlesportsnet to stoop to a pornographic level. Please accept my deepest apologies!

  15. 1) Who is Josh and why don’t you play him more?
    2) Did Hugh Millen get Housh cut, Branch traded and Nate sent to Detroit?
    3) Is Cody Pickett a better QB than Jack Locker?
    4) How many of the Paus brothers are better than Jack Locker?

  16. We need SSN to send out Favre like junk photos to the PFL.
    And his mom so she can make sure it’s appropriate and tasteful

  17. Is someone really pretending to be me? Wow.

    Fake Rio makes me sick. Posing as me is a turrible thing to do. Trying to sully my name… Even though I do apologize whole heartedly to you, Mrs. Akita. And would like to thank you again for the Capri-Sun on Monday. It was a glorious victory snack.

  18. I’d like to apologize on behalf of my mom, who posted comments on her own accord, then impersonated you, Rio, by responding to those comments. I know this happened because she told me she did it. I told her I was disappointed in her and let her know that she couldn’t watch “Cash Cab” for the next week as a consequence of her actions.

    No need to apologize to her, Rio. You did nothing wrong.

  19. I’d also like to thank everyone for posting questions and comments so far. Lots of good material here. I’ll probably end up having to do this answer column in two parts. Look for the first part in the next couple days.

  20. Do you really know the Webb twins?

    Are they as bad at beershoes as I’ve heard?

    What are your expectation for the b-ball team this year?

    Feature on the volleyball team? With photos preferably.

    Is Emily Florence still involved with the UW basketball team?

  21. Out of Descartes, Plato and Machiavelli, who in your opinion is harder to read and why?

  22. 1) Would you rather the Seahawks/Mariners win a world championship or win $100,000?

    2) Name one Seattle sports figure you HAVEN’T met but most desire to.

  23. I have to say, I’ve typed and deleted a few things in the comment box in response to Mrs. Akita being the fake-me, because I don’t know how to respond. All I can say is that I actually laughed aloud when I read that. And I maintain my apology, but stand by my assertion that the raunchiness level on the site is just about right.

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