Reminder: Listen To 950 KJR Today At 1:20 PM!

Shameless self-promotion, I know. Not that anyone should have any shame in promoting themselves. Screw that. From now on, I’m calling it Super Fun Self-Promotion. The connotation is decisively positive. And we’re having Super Fun, which is always a good thing. So consider this Super Fun Self-Promotion and not shameless. Win.

Anyways, I feel like I’m nagging you a bit on these radio appearances. I feel like my dad, giving me a lecture on investing in my retirement fund or driving Asian-style in the far right lane. I don’t want to be a nag. So just listen to the program, will ya? If not for me, then for Ian Furness, Ryan Divish, Jason Churchill, or Chris Fetters, who will all be in attendance, as well. We’ll be discussing social media, new media, blogging, that sort of thing. We did it once before, back in July, and it was off the chain. If the chain was here…our show was all the way over there. That’s how off the chain it was.

Like it says in the headline up there, we’ll be going on air at 1:20 p.m. and sticking around until about 2:00. Three ways to listen (heh, three ways):

1) 950 on your AM radio dial…you know, the frequency you rarely use. The one that doesn’t play music. Outside of Radio Disney, that is. And the Spanish language stations. That one.

2) This is where you can catch the live stream. The nice thing about the live stream is that there’s no seven-second delay. So if anyone drops an f-bomb, you’ll catch it here.

3) In-person at Dino’s Pub in Renton. That’s where we’ll be broadcasting. Join us if you can. That way, you can see what five radio faces look like.

It’s gonna be a blast. Be sure to tune in! Thanks for the support, as always!

2 thoughts on “Reminder: Listen To 950 KJR Today At 1:20 PM!”

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