The Huskies Beat USC And We Got Really Excited

Words are not needed. The fact that most of this video is straight darkness is irrelevant. Just turn the volume up on your computer and you’re good to go.

FYI: At about the :30 mark, I proceed to hug a portly man who has removed his shirt, hence total darkness. Thought you’d like to know.

8 thoughts on “The Huskies Beat USC And We Got Really Excited”

  1. I would like to say that I have watched this video roughly 20 times this evening, and I have laughed out loud all 20 times.

  2. Every time I watch it, I smile! Go Dawgs! Completely makes up for that BYU loss and that debacle against Nebraska!

  3. Some added context:

    There were about 10 of us in this room prior to the kick. However, there were so many of us in the house that we had split up in front of two television sets. So there were 6 or 7 more people upstairs watching the game, as well.

    As soon as the kick went through, the upstairs group stormed the basement, which in turn kept the celebration going for roughly a full minute. Bedlam.

  4. Insanity. The portly fellow generally prefers “festively plump” when referring to his physique.

  5. Wow…you guys are truly pathetic…circle jerks, one and all! The only way you make a bowl game is total dumb luck and that’s assuming Locker doesn’t continue to try and give games away like he’s been doing. Speaking of the most overrated player in decades…no stats…no victories…and the media and scouts are finally figuring out that he should be playing baseball! Still…just think of what you have to look forward to the next several years without Locker…a pathetic stadium that’s falling apart, more subpar players (including those fat bastards you call linemen) and many more losing seasons…and it couldn’t happen to a better group. The absolute worst sports fans in the history of college football…and you take your inbred selves to the Seahawk and Mariner games just to prove you’re consistently obnoxious. How did so many transplants from West Virginia get to Seattle?

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