This Is My Blagh (Just Sayin’)

I don’t really like the word blog. It sounds like blagh. Which is the noise that vomit makes. There’s nothing appealing about that. Just sayin’.

Fun fact: I’ve considered penning an entire article entitled Just Sayin’ for the sole purpose of creating a forum in which multiple topics can be discussed in rapid-fire succession with little devotion to overwhelming context. Make sense? Yeah, I got a little uppity with that description. Let me give it to you in layman’s terms. Basically, I want to be able to write down brief opinions on numerous newsworthy bits and place them within the framework of one post. Kind of like Facebook status updates. Only more structured. And without the little red notification icon that won’t go away no matter how many times you click it.

So for lack of better things to do, let’s give it the old college try. This is my blagh, after all.

Just Sayin’ (take one)

Tyreese Breshers retired from the UW basketball team today. A few months ago, I heard someone refer to Breshers as “the next Zach Johnson,” who you may remember as the forward that spent his entire Washington career as a medical redshirt. Well guess what, everybody. Breshers turned out to be the next Zach Johnson, after all. Ain’t that a bitch.

A female sports fan emailed me last week and mentioned that, while she attends Storm games, women’s basketball only has limited appeal when compared to men’s basketball. Thank God someone without balls had the balls to say it.

Mario Bailey beat me in our Husky Legends fantasy football league this week. We meet again in Week 13, at which point I will exact revenge upon my worthy adversary. I already made it very clear that there’s a storm brewing in Compton, and its name is Hurricane Honky. (He laughed at this, by the way. But I could sense the fear.)

Seeing Mariners fans get super excited about the Tacoma Rainiers playing for a Pacific Coast League championship is akin to seeing someone get super excited about an orgy that he can watch from the sidelines, but not be a part of. “Hey, that looks like quite a bit of fun. Can I join in?” No you cannot, sir.

Speaking of the Mariners, I went to their game against Boston on Wednesday and witnessed the return of Rowland Hyphen-Suck. Good thing he spent all that time honing his skills on the longest rehab assignment ever. He looks so much better than before…

A week-and-a-half ago, I heard Beno Bryant say that he thinks the University of Washington needs to do a better job of showcasing its football tradition to future college athletes. I couldn’t agree with Beno more, and I’d even take this a step further to include not just future college athletes, but also fans, media members, and outsiders, as well. We have arguably the most illustrious athletic history on the entire West Coast, and few people know about it because we aren’t spreading the good word. Come on, UW. Pass the knowledge along. Make us proud.

By the way, if you’re a Husky fan, you need to go and “like” this page on Facebook. Two reasons: 1) If you enjoy Seattle Sportsnet, you’ll enjoy the material found at that link, and 2) I’ve made it my personal goal to help get that page 2,000 fans in the next month. It can be done, but not until you check it out.

It’s always nice to meet random people who read this site. For example, at the Athletic Supporters’ rec basketball game on Monday, the official scorekeeper, Bob, saw my name on our roster and asked if I was the same guy who ran Seattle Sportsnet. Indeed, I replied. I then asked him how he knew about the site and we had a brief chat before I checked myself back into the lineup. Those are cool interactions. I thoroughly enjoy that kind of thing and appreciate the feedback from the readership. Just know that if you see me in public and you talk to me, I’ll actually get a little excited and probably write about what went down.

Last Saturday, another reader of the site found out who I was from a mutual acquaintance, then came running up to me at the Husky game yelling “Seattle Sportsnet!” It wouldn’t be fair for me to leave that encounter out.

Bo Pelini, head coach of the Nebraska football team, claims that he doesn’t expect the crowd noise at Husky Stadium to be a problem on Saturday afternoon. Which is how I know that Washington is going to win this game.

Random off-topic confession: If TBS ever stops showing reruns of Saved By The Bell in the morning, I might stop waking up. Seriously. I depend on that s**t.

Finally, if you plan on attending the Washington-Nebraska game on Saturday and want to kick it, head to the Padelford parking lot (next to the giant stairway from Montlake up to campus) and look for the only person in the entire place wearing jersey No. 72. We have good times.

4 thoughts on “This Is My Blagh (Just Sayin’)”

  1. I just noticed that the dude in that Blogging picture I found is apparently married. Judging by the ring on his finger, at least. This news should give everyone hope.

  2. You crack me up, dude. I was thinking the same thing about the guy in the photo.

    Is that a Lincoln Kennedy jersey you are wearing?

  3. No, it’s actually an old Husky football jersey from the ’60s that was found at the IMA (UW student gym) about a year-and-a-half ago and given to me. It’s pretty cool.

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