Shooting For The Sudan: A Charitable Cause

I was playing one-on-one with my good friend Josh on Saturday morning when I pulled up from 25 feet, called out “For the Sudan!” and knocked down a game-winning three-pointer. Anyone who has seen the movie White Men Can’t Jump likely gets the reference. For those who are completely in the dark on what shooting for the Sudan means, please see this UrbanDictionary entry for more information.

While calling out random things on the basketball court might irk some, I’ve found that eliciting non-sensical phrases in the flow of the game only boosts my confidence. I might be a 35-percent three-point shooter when silent. But when talking simultaneously? My average probably doubles.

All of which leads me to this idea I had right after knocking down the walk-off trey. And let me just say that it amazes me that the NBA hasn’t already thought of this. But then again, the NBA is run by jerks. So there’s that.

I’ve decided that for every three-pointer I hit during rec league basketball this year, I’m going to donate a dollar to World Vision, a charity based in Federal Way that provides aid to children in Sudan. Sudan, as many of you I’m sure are aware, is located in Northeastern Africa and is one of the most war-ravaged regions on earth. If anyone could use the aid, it’s them.

Additionally, Sudan is the homeland of the late former NBA player and social activist Manute Bol, who donated his entire life’s earnings to bettering the livelihood of his fellow Sudanese people. In Bol’s honor, we must continue to give.

The deadline for my three count is June, 2011, as my basketball team, the Athletic Supporters, play three seasons (fall, winter, spring) between now and then. We’ll play 30 regular season games, plus any playoff contests, which should give me ample time to raise money for Sudan.

I highly encourage anyone else who plays basketball to consider joining me in “Shooting For The Sudan.” I’ve created a Facebook fan page for the cause, and invite you to share stories about your participation there.

I’m not the type of person who regularly attaches himself to altruism. I’d wager that many of you are the same way. But at the end of the day, I know that while my contribution come June might not be huge (though, for my team’s sake, I hope it is), it can easily be supplemented by those of you who play ball along with me. Together, we can make a difference. Let’s do this.

One thought on “Shooting For The Sudan: A Charitable Cause”

  1. I hate to be the thorn here but if you honestly think the definition from an uber nerd site such as “Urban Dictionary” where any goof can come up with their own way to define slang they don’t even use than you are one gullible S.O.B. The reason why the guy in the movie White Man Can’t Jump told Billy (Woody Harrelson) he’s shooting for the Sudan opposed to Ghana is simply an inside joke about him being white trying to shoot for Ghana. Nothing more or less.

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