Beno Bryant Will Get You Fired Up About Husky Football

Some quotes from the Husky Legend, via Seattle Sportsnet’s Facebook profile:

Disappointed in our squad. We gotta play with some passion and our QB needs learn to manage the game. He doesn’t have to win it. Manage it. I like Sark, however he needs to let others help Locker help himself. I still believe in them both, as well as the system (that hasn’t been displayed yet). Line up, man to man, and take the will from these teams!

We judge ourselves by what we think we can do. Others judge us by what we have done!

We’ve done NOTHING, so riding a hype mobile is not in this DAWG’s mentality! COMMITMENT, CONSISTENCY, HEART, WILL, DESIRE, AND PASSION! Where has it gone?

Don’t just read my words, my friends! Read the blank spaces between the letters! This is something serious to me…WHEN YOU BLEED PURPLE AND CRY GOLD!

We were once on top! Our young men need to know what and WHO they’re playing for! I never wanted to disappoint Hugh McElhenny (THE KING), Greg Lewis (The Prince), Warren Moon, Dr. Bramwell (Punt Return Record Holder), Brian Slater, Vincent Weathersby, Jacque Robinson, Carey Conklin, Bern Brostek. OVER AND ABOVE, “THE DON”! They need to see Steve Emtman, Napolean Kaufman, Billy Joe Hobert, Marques Tuiasosopo, Mario Bailey, Dennis Brown, Sonny Sixkiller, as well as the aforementioned!


Yeah, I’m gonna be getting as many quotes from Beno as I can throughout the season. Expect more of this. I love this guy.

Oh, and on a brief side note, he typed all this stuff from a Droid phone. This man texts like a god.

2 thoughts on “Beno Bryant Will Get You Fired Up About Husky Football”

  1. It’s up to the University of Washington athletic department to start educating current and future (and even some past) Huskies on the tradition of the football program. The UW needs to promote the past better than they currently do. We have an amazing athletic tradition and yet you wouldn’t know it.

  2. I don’t think I would of questioned this teams desire to beat BYU Saturday.

    Honestly you could tell if they were a little bit sharper int he critical areas…Special Teams, Offensive Line, Defensive Line….if those were sharper that game would of been over at halftime.

    Still the Dawgs had a chance in the 4th quarter to win one on the road.

    The hardest one to win is the first road game when you haven’t been able to for a while.

    I like this team and I think they are going to come out against Syracuse and show the proper way the Dawgs bring it on Saturdays.

    As for the history of the program I think they get that lesson every practice when they walk down that tunnel and see all the Bowl games and Rose Bowls this team has been to.

    How can you not see how this program was when you walk by all that history?

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