The Huskies Are Going To Destroy BYU

I don’t like BYU. I’m sure I’m not the only one. But really, they bother me to a ridiculous degree.

For starters, their institution is founded on exclusionary principles. If you’re not Mormon, you’re not welcome. Unless you can run the football. And then we’ll consider allowing you to play for us despite the fact that you’re an outsider. It’s only slightly hypocritical, I suppose, but it’s hypocritical nonetheless. And just generally messed up as a whole. Considering they didn’t allow minorities to attend the university until they found out that, lo and behold, people of color were athletically gifted, I’d say we have reason to call them out for their segregational practices.

Second, you have their fans. I hate their fans. They rank right up there with Boise State fans, who as we all know are the devil. The only difference between BYU fans and Boise State fans is that BYU fans spend their free time petitioning the FCC to take Family Guy off the air. Don’t act like you haven’t done that, BYU fans. We know your tricks.

Third, I really hate the fact that many folks feel that BYU is exempt from being hated. Perhaps it has something to do with their religious background, but whatever. If you’re gonna hate on the likes of USC and Oregon, you might as well hate on BYU, too. Just because they claim to have our Lord on their side doesn’t mean jack sh*t. You can support our heavenly father and still piss on BYU’s ashes. Let’s all say it together: BYU sucks. There, it’s out. Learn to love it. Don’t be shy about hating on these guys. They don’t like you. So why should you like them? Answer: You shouldn’t.

Fourth, we owe them. We owe them big. We had them beat two years ago, then had our victory stolen by an officiating crew that would fear for their safety at a Peter, Paul, and Mary concert. You think our players don’t remember that? We’re gonna stomp into Provo with a gigantic chip on our shoulder and attack the Y on the side of those Cougar helmets like it’s a bulls-eye. I don’t doubt it. I don’t plan on having to eat my words, either. Top to bottom, Washington has the better football team.

You know, BYU could have been great this year. But then their best player went and had sex. Which resulted in his dismissal from the school, and ultimately changed the team’s entire landscape. Sorry you followed through on your primal urges, Harvey Unga. Don’t you know you need a certificate to let Little Harvey expose foreign lands at Brigham Young? It’s called a marriage license, and lucky for you it’s only sort of binding in Provo. Keep that in mind for next time.

It’s on. Like Diddy Kong. I invite the competition from the opponent. I invite the trash talk. I invite the hate. It’s football season, ladies and gentlemen. And the Dawgs are f**king back.

19 thoughts on “The Huskies Are Going To Destroy BYU”

  1. First of all, I’m a huge Huskies fan (Husky fan 1st, BYU fan 2nd), and 2nd of all, I’m LDS. I love the hate, Alex. Bring it on! Good old fashioned religious stereotyping and hating. Is that seriously all you got? “If you’re not Mormon, you’re not welcome.” Why would you ever want to go there if you weren’t LDS? They don’t hate you, but relatively few apply there who aren’t LDS or have an athletic opportunity. GO DAWGS and keep hatin’! If we ever cross paths I’ll give you a big ‘ol Mormon hug and really piss you off!

  2. “Considering they didn’t allow minorities to attend the university until they found out that, lo and behold, people of color were athletically gifted, I’d say we have reason to call them out for their segregational practices.”

    Point 1: Is this fact or opinion? BYU has a very diverse student body, comprised of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and non-members who agree to follow the honor code of the Private institution which they attend.

    Point 2: If you take a look at Utah State history, you will find that it was one of the first states to allow minorities and women to vote, and that the early Mormon Pioneers were expelled in the dead of winter by mobs because they refused to own slaves in an up-and-coming slave state (Missouri).

    Point 3: If you agree to play by certain rules of a job, a school, a team, etc. you must live by the consequences of your actions. I see no problem with BYU kicking out a student for breaking the Honor code, just as I see no problem with suspending a player from pro sports for using steroids, or an employee from a company for violating the dress code.

    Point 4: I’m Mormon and I can’t stand BYU. (Ohio State fan myself).

    Point 5: I love the site and this is one of the few times that I will disagree with you. :-)

  3. I’ve always found it interesting that BYU fans can’t separate hatred for their school from hatred on their religion. If you hate BYU, then you also hate all Mormons. That’s the way they like to spin it so that no one will talk bad about them. Riiiight.

  4. You have got to be kidding. I thought the UofU was classless. I will give that award to this writer.

  5. I don’t hate Mormons, but the foundation of your religion is dumb, dumb, dumb. The Mormons I’ve met (remember Chris P., Alex?) will even attest to that. And while, yes, Unga should have been kicked out for breaking the rule, the rule its self is dumb, dumb, dumb.

    With that said, Jake Locker and Co. are going to kick their ass! Go Dawgs!!!

  6. Dylan hates JC…..”Separating hatred for their school vs hatred for their religion”-wouldn’t be difficult if the article were purely about football, but of course there was plenty of religious spin in the article as Alex is tying the religion-based institution together with the football team. Talk X’s and 0’s and how the Huskies got screwed two years ago and how abnoxious the fans are, now that’s fair game.

  7. Sorry, should have stated “distinguishing the two” as opposed to what’s fair game.

  8. You’re wrong, Typical Mormon. I love Jesus Christ. He is my Lord and Savior. I just don’t like cults.

  9. Why is it that BYU is seemingly exempt from hatred while everyone openly hates on Notre Dame? Obviously Notre Dame is historically a lot better, but still.

  10. I’m surprised BYU fans even have time to post here with all that bike riding they need to do.

  11. How could any LDS member not understand why people would question their religion? A swindler and a crook claimed to find golden tablets in NY that only he could read by using seer stones. Really? No, really? You actually buy that shit.

    There is so much to hate about BYU (much of which was presented in this article), there is so much to not respect about your LDS institution that acts more like a corporation that a place of worship, and there is even more to hate about their Jake Heaps led poster children called the Cougars.

    Go Huskies and please people of the LDS faith, question it all.

  12. BYU fans aren’t the only ones you can describe this way.

    I like the trash talk coming from a DAWG finally it has been a long time coming since this group could feel confident in doing that before a big road game.

    I do expect the DAWGS to take BYU to the woodshed in this one. No one is expecting it but this is a season defining game right of the bat for the DAWGS.

  13. I hate BYU fans because they are so flipping nice no matter the cirumstance. WHAT GIVES!?!?!?! I insult you, your home state and everything you believe in to your face and you go Ned Flanders on me. Thanks for spitting in my eggo waffled. Oh and Football is not soccer, you do NOT do coordinated cheers at a football game that last longer than 5 seconds. BYU At Washington 2008….. bad memories.

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