Really Good High School Football Player Commits To UW

Really Good High School Football Player

I think I speak for very few people when I say that high school football recruiting just doesn’t intrigue me that much. I like the idea of recruiting. The notion that we’re improving, getting better, and winning recruiting battles over other big-name programs. But recruiting in and of itself? Doesn’t really do it for me.

That said, Coach Sark and the Husky football program have netted a major recruit in Gig Harbor’s Austin Seferian-Jenkins, a tight end who chose to attend Washington over the University of Texas. That makes me happy inside. Yet when I hear this report, when I get the news about such a big commitment, the translation that I process in my mind is basically what the headline above reads: really good high school football player commits to UW. Since we’re fellow Huskies now, the kid should probably mean more to me. But alas, he does not.

Yes, this is blasphemy to those of you who live and die by the adolescents who make the recruiting landscape what it is. Over the years, however, I’ve found it’s not a real good idea to put your hopes and dreams in the hands of teenagers. I say this as someone who was a teenager himself not too long ago. And looking back fondly on those days, I can tell you that I certainly wouldn’t have trusted me. God forbid anyone else feel the need to do so. So that’s where we stand on that issue.

I would, however, like to give a giant high five to the girls of UW, who are clearly doing their part to sway recruits to don the purple and gold. We all know what goes on during those campus visits. Let’s not turn a blind eye towards the dirty side of recruiting. We’ve all seen He Got Game.

It would appear that the girls of UW are doing something right. Something so right that those girls down at Texas might not even know about it yet. Something real exotic, straight out of your most lucid fantasies. You have to appreciate a female fan base willing to do whatever it takes to boost the profile of the university. And clearly, we have all hands on deck right now. Everyone’s doing their part to bring Washington back to prominence. As a Husky alumnus, that makes me very proud.

Anyways, let’s not forsake this moment, Husky fans. It’s a positive. It’s part of the turnaround. You have to like what’s going on down on Montlake. Good work, Sark. Good work, coaching staff. Go Dawgs!

One thought on “Really Good High School Football Player Commits To UW”

  1. Entertaining read, as usual…
    While I don’t allow myself to get too excited about 17 and 18 year old kids committing to UW, the best programs around country land the best high school players in the country. There is a direct correlation, therefore, the better recruits that UW pulls in, the better the program will be. So in that sense it is an exciting thing to see these elite players want to play at UW. Of course, there are the Boise State’s, TCU’s and Utah’s out there who don’t typically pull in elite players, but then again, they also aren’t on the level of a Bama, Texas, Ohio St, Florida, USC, LSU, etc. and don’t play in power conferences.

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