Free Ad #2: The Washington Beer Blog

As part of our campaign to give away free ad space to loyal readers, Seattle Sportsnet will be reprinting the creative essays sent to us by those individuals out to pimp a product, person, or otherwise.

Today’s installment comes to us from Kendall Jones of the Washington Beer Blog. You’ll be inspired. To drink.

Why Choose The Washington Beer Blog

By Kendall Jones

Why should the Washington Beer Blog get a free ad on Uh, because we’re talking about beer.

The aisles of Safeco Field are not speckled with orange-shirted martini vendors. It is not mandarin Stoli or blueberry schnapps that fuels the fights in the south end zone at Qwest Field. At Sounders games, you will only find wine in the most highfalutin luxury boxes, where uninterested spectators pay a lot of money to be bored to tears by a sport they don’t understand beyond their vomitous recognition that the Sounders are “the new big thing” in Seattle.

Remember that really funny Skyy Vodka commercial during the Super Bowl last year? Of course you don’t. It was a beer commercial that made you laugh.

It’s beer. It’s always been beer. For decades, beer has been the beverage of choice at Seattle sporting events.

Way back in the 1970s, Bill the Beer Man shouted out across the mostly empty Kingdome, “Freeze your teeth, give your tongue a sleigh ride!” Hawking beer eventually made him a legend, and Bill the Beer Man made guest appearances at stadiums across the country throughout the ’80s and ’90s. Note that when he went from stadium to stadium representing Seattle sports fans, he was not known as Bill the Peach Margarita Man. Hell to the no! He was Bill the Beer Man!

When our long national nightmare came to a close, when that darkest period of all human existence (prohibition) finally ended in the 1930s, an entrepreneurial young man bought a professional baseball team. In the old Pacific Coast League, the Seattle Rainiers were not named after a mountain. Au contraire, they were named after a beer. Look it up. And they were not named after just any beer. Their uniforms were emblazoned with the name of a mountain-fresh, locally brewed beer — Rainier.

It cannot be denied: beer and sports go hand in hand. It naturally follows that local sports pair perfectly with local beer. You, dear Seattle Sportsnet, focus on sports. At the Washington Beer Blog, we focus on the local beer scene.

Don’t fight nature. Give in to instinct. Water follows the path of least resistance and so does beer. Don’t resist. After all, it’s beer.

Everything beer in the Evergreen State. News, events, and information. A single source for all you need to know about the Washington craft beer scene. Washington Beer Blog.

God bless you, and God bless the United States of America.

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