Free Ad #1: David Schmidt’s Seattle Pedal Cab

As part of our campaign to give away free ad space to loyal readers, Seattle Sportsnet will be reprinting the creative essays sent to us by those individuals out to pimp a product, person, or otherwise.

Today’s initial piece is brought to you by David Schmidt, renowned driver for the infamous Seattle Pedal Cab company. Some parts of this article may have been fabricated, but you’ll enjoy reading David’s shameless self-promotion, regardless (shameless self-promotion is an oxymoron, by the way). You can also find all of our free ads categorized in the left-hand sidebar.

Why Choose Seattle Pedal Cab

By David Schmidt

I have a business that I feel is worthy of gracing your pages.

My name is David and I am a driver for Seattle Pedal Cab. We are out there game in and game out to provide the battered Seattle fan base with the comfort and luxury that they deserve while traveling to and from the games.

I had been thinking of writing out all the aspects that make taking a pedal cab the absolute best way to travel, but I really hate bragging.  So I’m going to let some good friends and old customers do the bragging:

“I always have to walk or run everywhere I go down here.  But when I get back up to Seattle, these pedal cabs are the only way I travel!”

-Brandon Roy

“I get so tired kicking sand and throwing my hat that walking is almost too much. But I was back in Seattle a while ago I ran into my good friends at Seattle Pedal Cab and they helped me get around my favorite city.”

-Lou Piniella

“Anyone who doesn’t ride a pedal cab is crazy.  It is the only way you should be getting to and from any sporting event and in this city, David at Seattle Pedal Cab is the best option.”

-Ken Griffey Jr.

I hope that this helps you see that we are worthy of a little ad space.  If so, here’s a little ad to throw up:

Seattle Pedal Cab: For your luxurious and speedy journeys to and from all Seattle events, call David with Seattle Pedal Cab at 206-355-8727.

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