8 thoughts on “Even The M’s IT Team Has Mailed It In”

  1. I also just noticed that in sentence two of the blurb, they left the apostrophe off “He’s.” Everything’s gone to hell in that organization. I heard that the Moose got arrested for public urination the other day. First they kicked him out of Jimmy’s On First for being a moose, then he walked out to Occidental and pissed on a hot dog vendor.

  2. The Mariners are the Los Angeles Clippers/Detroit Lions/Cleveland Browns of Major League Baseball.

  3. Fcuk al you gys. Do u evin kno who I fucking an? Im the fkicing moose. the Mose! Im fuckung derrrnk. Fck it. fuckin Marniirs. Telllme I cant drinkk her. i’l dink wherver I wnt to! Doo yo even know?? You don evn know! you don’t! im th moose!

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