8 thoughts on “Even The M’s IT Team Has Mailed It In”

  1. I also just noticed that in sentence two of the blurb, they left the apostrophe off “He’s.” Everything’s gone to hell in that organization. I heard that the Moose got arrested for public urination the other day. First they kicked him out of Jimmy’s On First for being a moose, then he walked out to Occidental and pissed on a hot dog vendor.

  2. The Mariners are the Los Angeles Clippers/Detroit Lions/Cleveland Browns of Major League Baseball.

  3. Fcuk al you gys. Do u evin kno who I fucking an? Im the fkicing moose. the Mose! Im fuckung derrrnk. Fck it. fuckin Marniirs. Telllme I cant drinkk her. i’l dink wherver I wnt to! Doo yo even know?? You don evn know! you don’t! im th moose!

  4. These comments, as well as the blame article you put up today, are brilliant. Free the Moose!

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