Wak, Fans Deserve Better Than M’s Front Office

I don’t like Don Wakamatsu all that much. I think he’s too passive, he lets the team run itself, and when things start to spiral out of control (as things have had a tendency to do this year) he has no way of reeling the troops back in before they go AWOL.

That said, I really don’t like the way the Mariners organization has continually thrown Wakamatsu under the bus lately.

Wak might not be the right man to lead this ballclub, but he doesn’t need to get screwed by his bosses day after day, either. It’s one thing to suck at your job. It’s another thing to suck at your job and blame someone else.

Between Wakamatsu, general manager Jack Zduriencik, team president Chuck Armstrong, and CEO Howard Lincoln, all four of these men currently suck at their respective jobs. Three of those men — Zduriencik, Armstrong, and Lincoln — are using their authority to make Wakamatsu the scapegoat for their collective failure. That’s f**ked up.

Of course, being Wakamatsu’s superiors, Zduriencik, Armstrong, and Lincoln have every right to blame Wak for their problems if they so choose. But that’s a pretty low thing to do. Real men wouldn’t do that. But then again, we have no proof that Zduriencik, Armstrong, and Lincoln are real men.

Our team is currently being run by a bunch of pansy Benedict Arnolds who can’t even answer our questions, let alone take the blame for the crap product they’re forcing us to stomach. Nut up and stop ducking the media. Nut up and make Chone Figgins apologize for being a bitch and getting in a fight with his manager. Nut up and show the fans that you care. We deserve better than what you’re giving us right now. And frankly, if you don’t find a way to give us better, we’ll find a way to bring your asses down. I promise you that. I’ll keep writing about it for months if I have to. Until we get answers. Because we’ve earned that right.

Now some of you may be wondering why I’d lump Zduriencik in with Armstrong and Lincoln. Well that’s simple. Zduriencik may have made a few nice personnel moves during his tenure with the club, but for the past three months or so, he hasn’t shown any support for Wakamatsu. You need to back your boy, Jack. You hired him, you’re stuck with him, now your ass needs to stand by him. That’s the way these things work. Just because he’s losing, you’re gonna turn on your guy like that? Wow. That’s real classy. Hopefully you pull that knife out of Wak’s back before you kick him out the door.

Actions speak louder than words, gentlemen. You can hide in your offices, hide in your suits, hide under your desks and let Wak stand before the press each night and take bullets for a team he probably won’t even represent much longer.

But I’ll tell you this. Even if the man never manages again, even if he never has a winning ballclub to his credit, and even if he never gets that public apology for Chone’s temper tantrum, I’ll always remember Don Wakamatsu as a loyal human being. To the bitter end. He’s a skipper that fully intends to go down with the ship. We should all be so privileged to work with men of his character.

You three, on the other hand, have a sh*tload of work to do.

You’ve done nothing to endear yourselves to an angry, bitter fan base.

You’ve wussed out on answering questions for months in Zduriencik’s case, or years in the cases of Lincoln and Armstrong.

You’ve stabbed people in the back, pointed fingers, and have seemingly never once looked in the mirror.

You lack character.

You don’t deserve to run a baseball team, let alone any team.

You’re poor leaders and it shows in the product you’ve vomited onto the field over the years.

Wakamatsu might be unemployed in a few months. This team may lose 100 games. And yet somehow, some way, you jerks will retain your jobs. What a joke.

5 thoughts on “Wak, Fans Deserve Better Than M’s Front Office”

  1. Jack is falling from grace faster than any other Seattle sports personality that I can recall. From savior to backstabber is a year or so. Wak may not be the skipper the M’s need, but they need bitches like Figgins even less.

  2. Lincoln and Armstrong have always sucked. Lincoln chased Pinella and Gillick out of town, then gave Bavasi a blank check. When Jeff Nelson complained that the M’s weren’t making any trades for the stretch run, Lincoln had Nelson traded and openly celebrated it in the office. When Bavasi got fired, they had nothing but positive things to say about him (so why did you fire him if he was that great?) during the press conference and Lincoln for whatever reason touted how this team won more games than any other during a four year stretch… even though they failed to make the playoffs twice and never advanced to the World Series.

    They threw the hitting coach under the bus by firing him this year, and Wakamatsu is probably next. When is Lincoln going to fall on his own sword? The team will never achieve anything on the field until he’s dead or fired.

  3. I sent Armstrong an email last month telling him the way they were running the team was chasing me away as a fan. I refuse to spend money on tickets and concessions until I feel they were spending money and commiting to fielding a winning team.
    He replied back to me personally with the lamest cop out of an email there ever was.

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