Top 11: Best Local TV Sportscasters

Brad Adam, aka "Bradam"

Because we don’t watch enough of the news anymore. And these 11 folks need our attention. They demand it. They crave it. It’s why they’re on TV.

11. Andrea Nakano, KING 5 News

Andrea is the newest kid on the block when it comes to the local TV sportscaster scene. She’s been tasked with filling the shoes of the now-departed Lisa Gangel (Kerney), which is akin to handing David Pauley a baseball and asking him to take over for Cliff Lee.

To say that Andrea has a lot of pressure on her shoulders would be an understatement at this point. However, she seems to be fitting into the role nicely so far and has yet to run off and marry one of our local professional athletes. Good for her.

10. Jen Mueller, Fox Sports Northwest

Jen Mueller spent nearly two years living in the shadow of Nicole Zaloumis’s cleavage. As soon as Nicole and her funbags left town, it was time for Jen to shine.

A true professional in every sense of the word, Jen’s added some spice to the FSN lineup by seemingly getting hotter every time she appears on your television set. Perhaps it’s the lighting, the makeup, the hair…or maybe one or two other things.

9. Brad Adam, Fox Sports Northwest

Bradam is so popular that his hair has its own Twitter account: @BradAdamsHair. Enough said.

8. Mike Ferreri, KOMO News 4

You might not know Mike Ferreri, but rest assured he’s quite possibly the nicest sportscaster on this list. He interviewed me once when I was part of the Dawg Pack at UW and I’m pretty sure an angel with a harp followed him around playing theme music for the dude.

And when we finished the interview, I wanted to hug the guy and tell him he deserved better than a backup role. Because if you weren’t aware, Mike has been the backup sports anchor at KOMO for nearly a decade now. Frankly, I can’t think of anyone more deserving of the Carlos Del Valle Award for Backup Sports Anchorship (an award I just created, by the way, in honor of former KING 5 backup sportscaster Carlos Del Valle) than Mike. Keep fighting the good fight, Mike. You’re the Charles Gipson of local sportscasters. Everyone wants to see you get off the bench.

7. Aaron Levine, Q13 Fox News

Aaron Levine’s claim to fame is that he was a finalist on the original ESPN Dream Job. Remember that show? Yeah, neither does Levine. He didn’t win. So don’t bring it up around him. I guess the answer to “What happens when you lose out on your dream job?” can be found in Levine’s ending up here in Seattle.

That said, working alongside the likes of beautiful people like Lily Jang and Walter Kelley is no nightmare, I’d have to imagine. And come on. Let’s be honest. A party animal like Aaron Levine working for ESPN? If Steve Phillips is boinking ugly interns and Sean Salisbury is texting everyone pictures of his dong, you know Aaron would be running around the set naked, high on PCP or something. He’s got to be better off here. No doubt.

6. Angie Mentink, Fox Sports Northwest

You know what? Angie Mentink gets a bad rap. Yeah, FSN as a whole kinda sucks. There’s no getting around that. But I actually like Angie. And I’ve always liked Angie. And I think she does a good job. So there, it’s been said.

Get it, Angie.

Chris Egan (left, with microphone)

5. Chris Egan, KING 5 News

If there was an award for Most Socially Connected Local Sportscaster, Chris Egan would win it hands down. The dude is all over Facebook — which is a great resource if you have lots of friends and want to look at photos of college girls doing crazy things like taking their tops off whilst drunk; let’s not kid ourselves — and yes, even Twitter (@ChrisEgan5).

I have hung on Egan’s every status update and Tweet from day one, and there are moments when the things he has to say will make me laugh out loud.

Sure, he might be Paul Silvi’s backup, but the guy knows what he’s doing. He’s like the Justin Bieber of Seattle sportscasters, making the internet his bitch for the good of his career. We can all appreciate that.

4. Tom Glasgow, Fox Sports Northwest

Tom Motherf**kin Glasgow. The Godfather.

Is there a TV station in Seattle that Glasgow hasn’t worked for? The dude has been everywhere in this city and he keeps on keeping on no matter where he goes. I don’t know if he’s a clubhouse cancer, a prized commodity, or just a G-money pimp, but I’ll tell you what, this man is a legend on the local sportcasting scene. Sure, that’s just my opinion, but trust me on this, I know my local sportscasters.

For me, Glasgow makes FSN tolerable. And there’s no one else out there that gives it to you straight the way he does it. He’s like a smooth blues riff on a vintage guitar. Old school, but still hip. That’s what it takes to be the Godfather.

3. Paul Silvi, KING 5 News

Paul Silvi could be higher on this list, but the guy kinda has that diva aura around him that keeps him from being one of us. Even in spite of his longevity in this town, it just feels like we’ve never really connected with Silvi. Yeah, he’s been around since the Tony Ventrella days (and even the aforementioned Carlos Del Valle days, I’d wager), but that doesn’t make him lovable.

I don’t know. If I had to compare Silvi to anyone it would have to be Ichiro. He’s solid, he’s an All-Star, he does his job well. But at the end of the day, he doesn’t quite speak our language. And that can be tough to overcome.

2. Eric Johnson, KOMO 4 News

Eric just made the switch from the sports desk to the news anchor seat at KOMO, but that won’t stop us from putting him on this list. One-hundred percent of children surveyed demanded that we add the creator of Eric’s Little Heroes on here or else we’d be subject to loud screaming on airplanes and having the backs of our seats repeatedly kicked at Mariners games. Personally, I can’t deal with those kinds of threats.

On a personal note, I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with Johnson once or twice in the past, and unlike some other people on this list, Eric is straight-up humble pie. If anything, he deserves to have a little attitude after all the years he’s put in at KOMO. But all of that success has apparently not gone to Eric’s head.

A good guy who does a great job. You gotta love Eric Johnson.

Steve Raible back in the day

1. Steve Raible, KIRO 7 Eyewitness News

Steve Raible isn’t really even a sportscaster anymore. He’s KIRO’s lead news anchor, but got his start in sports and still presents the sportscast every now and then.

On top of that, he’s absolutely phenomenal at his job. I’ve never heard a bad word spoken about Steve Raible, and if I did, I’d be shocked. Talking sh*t about Raible is like talking sh*t about Mother Teresa. You just don’t do it. But if you do, you’re probably going to hell.

In addition to his TV duties, Raible is also the play-by-play voice of the Seattle Seahawks, a team he used to be a wide receiver for back in the day. Turns out he’s a better newscaster than a football player, which is saying quite a bit since he wasn’t too bad of a pass-catcher, all things considered.

He’s been around this town longer than any of his sportscaster colleagues, and as a result, he’s basically God. Not The Godfather, like Glasgow. Just God. The holy overlord. That’s Steve Raible for you.

14 thoughts on “Top 11: Best Local TV Sportscasters”

  1. Caveat: I’ve reserved broadcasters like Niehaus, et al, for their own list. This list is meant solely for guys who broadcast the news, Champ Kind style.

  2. Well what do you expect? She got married and started eating…all the time

  3. Don’t forget the rest of us. We were in that room, too.

    The 40-man roster

  4. I don’t disagree with much of this list. I have to ask though if anyone has heard anything about this – I saw Glasgow the other night and he looked like utter crap! Mrs. The Edgar said he looked sick; pale, tired and worn down. That and never having any rhyme nor reason when you see him or not on TV is he ok?

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