Brandon League For The Win!!!!

And…boom goes the dynamite.

Epic fail.

Welcome to Bobby Ayala’s world, League. The outhouse is to your right, the doghouse to your left. You have your choice of rooms.


*P.S. A round of applause to Seattle Times photographer Dean Rutz for capturing the quintessential image of mediocrity.

7 thoughts on “Brandon League For The Win!!!!”

  1. And for the record, I’d like to add that the only people in America who get paid to f*** up as often as the Mariners bullpen are all heading up companies like AIG. So don’t even get me started on the whole “You shouldn’t pick on them so much” argument. Please. You lose your right to gain sympathy once you start pulling in ridiculous bank then suck.

  2. Brandon League is my worst nightmare. As soon as I see him start warming up, I already know the game is over.

    @Mosesdawg: He means the person in the picture (League) is the image of mediocrity. Not the picture itself.

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