The Girls of Summer

If you’ve been to a Mariners game this year, you may have noticed an interesting occurrence on your way out of the stadium. It just so happens that following home losses, the organization has decided to play a lyric-less version of LFO’s Summer Girls as soon as the final out is recorded.

Why a team would backhand their own players like this is beyond me, but it’s worth noting, and so we’ll discuss it. But first, some history.

It’s been pretty common over the years for the team to have a “win” song and a “loss” song. The “win” song is usually some upbeat disco hit (like Celebrate Good Times, by Kool and the Gang, for example), while the “loss” song is typically an aw-shucks whimsical ballad. I specifically remember back in 2004 or 2005 (you know, when the M’s were losing every time out) when the team played Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da (aka Life Goes On) after every loss. Made sense, and provided a semi-upbeat tune in a time of distress.

But Summer Girls couldn’t be farther from sensible when played in the context of a baseball team’s losing effort.

Think about it. Baseball players are often referred to as the Boys of Summer. So what is the team trying to say with this Summer Girls stuff? You catching on now?

In honor of the musical choice, I’ve decided to refer to the M’s as the Girls of Summer/Summer Girls when discussing a team loss from here on out. If the team is endorsing it, I feel it’s my duty to promote it.

And for you nostalgic teens of the ’90s, here’s a video to brighten your day:

One thought on “The Girls of Summer”

  1. if you want to see the most horrible/hilarious 90’s video… check this out.

    these guys were like the canadian lfo:

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