M’s Management Shows Signs Of Life For First Time This Year

Even Jesus couldn't save us.

Up until now, unless your name was Eric Byrnes, your job in the Mariners’ organization was safe.

Blow a five-run lead? Safe.

Hit .190? Safe.

Own an ERA over 7.00? Safe.

That all changed on Monday night when finally — FINALLY — the M’s front office made some moves that resulted in players losing their jobs.

Relief pitchers Kanekoa Texeira and Jesus Colome were designated for assignment by the club, all but ending their brief and erratic tenures with the team. Both right-handers appeared in Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Angels, in which the bullpen was responsible for blowing a five-run Mariners lead.

In 1.2 innings of work on Sunday, Texeira and Colome combined to walk four batters, allow two runs (one earned) and two hits, and throw 20 of their 45 pitches for balls.

The result of the relief corps’ effort (or lack thereof) was a 9-7 Angels victory.

Neither one of these pitchers will be missed much by Mariners fans, though the departure of Texeira is slightly more shocking than the DFA of Colome.

While Colome is a 33-year-old journeyman with little hope of being any more than what he already is, Texeira is just 24 years of age and was a Rule V draft selection this past offseason. Under the terms of his designation, Texeira will have to pass through waivers before the Rule V process is carried out. If no other team claims Texeira on the waiver wire, he will then be offered back to the New York Yankees (the team the M’s selected him from in the Rule V draft) for $25,000, or half of the $50,000 the Mariners paid for his services in the first place. If the Yankees refuse the offer, Texeira would remain Seattle’s property and likely be sent down to the minor leagues.

That said, even though Texeira holds promise, he’s clearly not ready to be a big league reliever at this stage in his career. Though he had his good moments, a 5.30 ERA and control problems simply won’t cut it in short relief. The same could be said for Colome (who possesses a near-identical 5.29 ERA), but he’s a veteran who will likely find his way to the depths of a National League ‘pen, and/or the minor leagues. No one wants an aging arm that can’t throw a strike. Sorry, Jesus.

In place of Texeira and Colome, the M’s have recalled Sean White and Garrett Olson from Triple-A Tacoma. As most fans may remember, both White and Olson have logged considerable time at the big league level, and neither one should have any problem re-adapting to his role in the Mariners bullpen.

For now, amidst all the struggle, we can at least be thankful for a management team that finally appears ready to make some moves, for better or worse, that will shake up this ballclub. Lord knows we can’t keep running the same 25 guys out to the ballpark every day with no results, and we can only hope that this is the beginning of wholesale changes to be made in the near future.

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