Starbucks Censors Sonics Fans

Over the past couple weeks, Starbucks has been promoting a “We Love You Seattle” giveaway campaign on Facebook in which customers can enter any Seattle-area Starbucks location during specified times and days and get free tickets to local events. Last week, the Seattle-based company gave away Mariners tickets. This week it was passes to the Seattle International Film Festival.

What should have been a good-spirited promotion for Howard Schultz’s coffee company got ugly in recent days as the event page turned into a forum for Sonics fans to vent their frustrations. For those of you who aren’t aware, the now-defunct Sonics were once property of Schultz, who ultimately sold the team up the river to Oklahoma millionaire Clay Bennett, who then made off with his property to Oklahoma City. While fans would relish the chance to kick Bennett squarely in the gonads, they’d just as soon take a shot at Schultz’s balls if given the opportunity.

In response to this unforeseen turn of what should have been anticipated fan reaction, the moderators of Starbucks’ Facebook page decided to take drastic action just minutes ago. Rather than continue to tolerate abuse at the hands of rightfully angry Seattle sports fans, Starbucks instead shut down the wall (Facebook’s terminology for the commenting space on the page) for the event, thus preventing any other users from chiming in their two cents. Take that, Seattle.

No word on whether Schultz was the man behind this act of Big Brotherism, though it’s been rumored that the spider-hole he’s been living in does not have internet access. We’ll get you eventually, Schultz. Just like Saddam.

13 thoughts on “Starbucks Censors Sonics Fans”

  1. Screw Starbucks! I 100% whole heartedly support anyone who vented their frustrations about the Sonics, and whoever disabled those wall posts is a jerk just like Howard “I’m a sellout” Schultz.

  2. I have not drank Starbucks since Howie sold the team and will not until we get another one!!!

  3. Betray your hometown and act like you didn’t Howard Shitz. I would love to get a piece of that asshole. I don’t pay twice the worth for coffee either. I’d rather buy McDonald frappe or go to 7-11.

  4. Mr. Schultz,

    Great business decision to re-boot StarBucks with the “We Love You Seattle” campaign. Can you tell us which StarBucks will be giving away Sonic tickets next ?

    I have not stepped into a StarBucks store since you sold the Sonic and screwed all of us fans over. You shall take this sin with you to your grave because no true fan will ever be able to forgive you for what you did.

  5. Great job everyone on fbook spoiling their master plan!

    Let’s run Sbucks outta here just like he ran our team outta her. Our city/area built this man’s wealth up, let’s take it down, at least in this area. I agree, Boycott Sbucks and tell all your family & friends to do the same.

    Sonics forever! Bring back the Sonics!

  6. this PR stunt backfired big time. I’m lovin’ it! Sonicsgate, did you get a huge hit increase on your site? :)

  7. ya I posted so many times on this that Facebook blocked my account! LOL this reminds me of the old SeattlePI Sonics Forum days. Good times!

  8. Howie get the hell outa Seattle and take your overpriced coffee with you…

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