Forbes Says Seattle Is Most Miserable Sports City

Hooray for winning awards.

Beating out the likes of Atlanta, Buffalo, Cleveland, and Kansas City, our fair municipality has taken home the honor of being named America’s Most Miserable Sports City. Let’s hear it for Seattle.

The distinction was handed down by Forbes magazine, and was determined by a number of different factors: misery in the form of losing seasons, misery in the form of few championships, misery in the form of being good but not good enough, and misery in the form of losing entire organizations (i.e. the Sonics).

As everyone and their mother knows, the Emerald City has suffered when it comes to winning titles.

We have but one major professional championship under our belt: the 1979 NBA crown, won by the now-defunct Supersonics.

In 2004, the Seattle Storm won the less-heralded WNBA title, and in 1991 the University of Washington won a share of the college football National Championship. Beyond that, we’ve been winless in Seattle.

Things have been especially miserable for fans of the city’s Big Three professional sports (NBA, NFL, MLB). Sonics fans watched their team flee to Oklahoma City; Seahawks fans enjoyed one Superbowl appearance in 2005 before falling off the map; and Mariners fans have a failed run at the World Series way back in 1995 as their only moment of solace.

So desperate for a winning franchise are we, that fans have looked to lesser teams and sports for inspiration. Soccer, women’s basketball, and now even lacrosse are earning the attention of Seattle sports fans, if only because they provide hope and little else. Forget entertainment. We’re just looking for the W.

I can’t say I disagree with our on-paper “achievement.” Having lost an entire ballclub with a rich history in the community, having witnessed losing season after losing season, and for having no foreseeable hope in the near future, I have to believe that Seattle might very well be the worst place in America to be a sports fan.

But at least we can say we’re the best at something. Even if that means we’re the best at being the very worst.

3 thoughts on “Forbes Says Seattle Is Most Miserable Sports City”

  1. I see you forgot to mention the 1917 Seattle Metropolitans who became the first team from the United States, and the first team outsiee of Canada to win the Stanley Cup in Professional Hoackey…..

  2. “Let me tell you, a double-fault final-play elimination hasn’t occurred since the Helsinki episode of 1919, and I think we all remember how THAT turned out!”

  3. Hey! The Washington Stealth just won the Lacrosse League championship! Darn, that’s Everett…

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