Larry LaRue Getting More Attention Than He Has Ever Before Received

Be honest. How many of you knew who Larry LaRue was before today? Sure, you may have heard of Larry Stone, or Geoff Baker, or even LaRue’s plucky sidekick at the Tacoma News-Tribune, Ryan Divish.

But Larry LaRue (pictured at left) isn’t exactly a household name. He’s a pro’s pro, and one more content to do his job to the utmost degree, rather than whore himself out to radio stations and women with large breasts. Like the Q13 10:00 p.m. news, you forget he’s there, until suddenly — BOOM! — he strikes.

The Brian Dunkleman of local sports coverage, LaRue is getting his 15 minutes of fame today for this blog post on the straining relationship between Ken Griffey Jr. and the Seattle Mariners.

LaRue insists that Junior’s time may be up within the next couple weeks — perhaps before the end of the month, even — as a result of a number of things: lack of performance, age, and sleeping on the job. Unless you’re a professional bed tester or a male escort, sleeping on the job is never a good thing.

Whether or not this is the end of The Kid is irrelevant at this point. As much as I’d hate to see my idol depart in tragic fashion, I understand where the criticism is coming from. If you can’t do your job, you become at risk of losing your job, and that’s the problem facing Griffey right now. Though in fairness, almost every hitter on the Mariners not named “Gutierrez” should be on notice these days.

As far as LaRue goes, the only information on this enigma of a man can be found at the News-Tribune’s website. A member of the Baseball Writer’s Association of America (BBWAA) since 1980, LaRue has been with the Tacoma newspaper for 22 years, dating back to 1988. So private and unsung is this man, that a search of “Larry LaRue” on his employer’s site results in the question, “Did you mean Larry large?” No, I did not. I’m not looking for gay porn.

Anyways, check out the article if you haven’t heard the news already. And in the meantime, go ahead and pay proper homage to a man who you knew nothing about just 24 hours ago. He deserves it.

15 thoughts on “Larry LaRue Getting More Attention Than He Has Ever Before Received”

  1. I’ve been called a lot of things, but “plucky” has to be a first.

  2. Yes well Larry Larue is National news Yahoo! im wondering if he has the names of these players yet? Yes I know he has to protect his sources though I doubt he will be getting many more interviews from Mariners Players for awhile.Must be sad to be a veteran journalist and have people taking pot-shots at you after all you have done for the game Mr. Larue……But here it is your 15 minutes of fame. I hope Larry Larue and the Tribune feel mighty proud for leaking this story. On thing is for sure Ken Griffey Jr. is going into the Hall of Fame and has 630 home runs. Larry Larue will maybe make it to retirement or possibly his paper will go under like the PI and he will end up with a Blog somewhere trying to recapture the glory days when he was a big Name. Enjoy it Larue its all down hill from here…..

  3. Larry was just telling the truth. Griffey is a washed up old man. Go home and sleep in Orlando LOSER!

  4. Jeff,
    That’s ridiculous. Really one blog post will take down the News Tribune. Look, I realize you have your own blog. That’s fine, keep posting to it. But come on, if anything takes down the News Tribune it will be declining ad revenue, lack of subscriptions and of course people going to the free newspaper website. Anybody with half a brain knows that the Internet has changed how people get their news and unfortunately the newspapers weren’t able to adjust accordingly. It’s the same Internet allows you to post such things and why you comment on all sites, leaving your blog address to get hits.

    Figure it out.

  5. Larry Larue has woken a slumbering Lion. It may be time for him to retire. We need a fresh voice.He is past his prime and now that the Mariners players are frezzing him out perhaps the Trbune may have to take a second look at things.Nothing personal he just must have been napping during the class on ethics in reporting during college.All good things must come to an end and Larry can either go willingly or continue to face the wrath of the Mariners and their loyal fans.

  6. Jeff, you can’t just speak in generalizations and cliches (“Larry Larue has woken a slumbering Lion,” with a capital “L” no less) and expect that to suffice as your argument. You’re embarrassing yourself. Why would someone trust you on a blog if you’re attacking more accredited individuals, then accusing them of being unethical?

    Nothing LaRue did was unethical. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that nothing he wrote was even that bad. It just so happened that people freaked out over it, and now this is where we’re at. It’s a shame, because the more narrow-minded fans like yourself can’t seem to tolerate dissenting points of view, and your way of combating the opposition is to name-call and vilify instead of presenting a rational rebuttal.

    I’m not even mad at you. Just sad. Disappointed. I can’t believe we’re fans of the same team. It’s unfortunate.

  7. Wrath?
    He’s facing wrath from some of the Mariners fans. Not all of them are angry. It’s gross generalizations that you make, along with ridiculous cliches and misspelled words that totally drain your credibility as a commenter and a blogger.

  8. JEFF, Stop posting lies on your stupid site. I am so sure some employee to you Larry is getting fired. I did a Google search and your lies come up. Please stop this nonsense. Larry is trying to make an honest living and trying to feed his family. Take care. Your blog is actually decent.

  9. Well I see I have disturbed a few of you,hmm well welcome to what many of us have been going thru for the past few days around your Hero Larry Larue’s post. For the record my post on a private non-commercial blog was fabricated to make a point. Im sorry you couldnt find the humor or irony in it, but hey thats your stuff. Pretty much done with commenting here and will focus on my Page as my hits have tripled since I decided to challenge Larry Larue and his apologists..

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